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05-19-2007, 07:42 AM
From Patricia Davis:

The Friend feature on Digg.com is really the best way to find like minded Diggers and good articles to Digg, and if we use it well, we can Digg up the articles we like much faster and get them to the front pages. We can have a much larger "Digg Effect" if we all follow these procedures:

1.) When you see any article on Digg that has to do with RP, first make sure it's a worthy piece, then, click on the name of the member who submitted it. You'll reach a page showing other articles that member has Dugg. The page will have their user ID at the top, and just left of their name is an icon. Click that icon to add them as a friend if you like what you see on their Dugg articles page(s), and Digg some of their stuff that you haven't yet seen

2,) Now add as many such fellow Diggers as you can find, to your Digg Friends list, and Digg all the good articles they've found.

3.) Don't resubmit the same article if it's already there, you will just dilute the Diggs and encourage accusations of "Digg spamming".

Once you have a good list of friends, you can open your own member profile and click the Friends tab. There you will find a list of articles that your friends have already Dugg - which makes it easier to find good stories to Digg.

I've added quite a few of you folks and many of you don't have Digg Friends in your profiles. Here's mine, go add me right away:


Remember, you can also use your "Digg Power" to "bury" articles favorable to other candidates if you come across any. Burying is the opposite of Digging. It robs an article of one Digg. The Bury link is below each article, on the far right.

"Patricia Davis" <########@#########.###>

I posted some of the following before and it had some effect but we really need to work harder on this, so here is a more complete set of instructions for using Digg.com effectively to promote Ron Paul. Please take it to heart, bite the bullet and DO IT NOW:

1.) Join Digg.com if you haven't already done so. It's one of the most visited sites on the internet and one of the most effective ways of getting Ron Paul info in front of more people.

2.) Find the Political Opinion and 2008 Election sections (you have to navigate to the "World & Business" section to find these subsections) and Digg - which means, click the "digg it" link to the left of the headline -all the articles favorable to and positive about Ron Paul.

3.) While you are Digging articles, open them in separate windows (right-click on the headline and choose "Open in new tab") and post comments wherever possible, and reply to any negatives.

4.) View and contribute to the Comments sections of the articles on Digg. You get there by clicking on the upper part of the Digg icon to the left of the article (the part that shows the number of Diggs). Remember to give +/- ratings to existing comments. Some of the comments will already be buried with negative ratings, and you can help keep them buried by clicking "Show Comment" and adding your own Thumbs Down.


5.) For each article that you Digg, open the profile of the submitter and look at what they've Dugg. If they are obviously a fan of Ron Paul, add them as your Digg Friend.

PROCEDURE for adding Friends:

(a) The submitter's username is the left-most item under the article headline. Right-click on the username and open the submitter's profile in a new tab.

(b) At the bottom of the square icon to the left of the user's name is a green strip that says "Add Friend". Click that to add the person to your friends.

(c) Click Back to your new Friend's profile, and look at the stories they have Dugg, and Digg any that you like. (Be sure they are good articles if they mention Ron Paul!)

(d) Go to the Friends Tab in your new friend's Digg profile to find more people of like mind, and add them as your own friends. There might be no one there and this means the person isn't using most Digg effectively yet, but there is also a link on their Friends List that will show who befriended that user. You may find people there that you can befriend.


Digg won't let you add too many friends in too short of a time, so go easy! When you get the red warning upon trying to add a friend, hold off for a while - go Digg more articles, comment on them and reply to comments where appropriate, give Thumbs Ups and Thumbs Downs to others' comments, submit new articles, etc. Then go back to adding Friends until Digg makes you wait again. And so on.

After a while you'll start seeing diagonal green marks in the upper left corner of the Digg icons for articles that have been Dugg by the Friends you've added. This makes it easier to pick out good articles to Digg, but don't rely on it entirely - especially not before you have a large group of Digg Friends.

Keep following the above steps as often as you can. Make your list of Digg Friends longer and longer, which will help others looking for like-minded Digg Friends.

If you Digg an article that you wish you hadn't Dugg, go to your Profile and you'll see the list of all the articles you've Dugg, with an option to UNDIGG them!

And remember that you can also "Bury" articles. Burying is the opposite of Digging and removes one Digg from the total. The Bury link is the thumbs-down icon on right side of the last line under an article's headline.


Copy this message to your state's Ron Paul Yahoo Group and pass it on to other contacts. Add any points I may have missed, too!

Jason C <deckard@sbcglobal.net>

Get registered on digg.com


So you can vote on stories that you think should be
brought to the top.

Do a search for "Ron Paul" and vote for the stories
that should be brought up!

Here are the search results:

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I've got to get ready for the fundraiser now, but as soon as I can, I'll get back here and get stated.


I had no idea what to do after I registered, lol.