View Full Version : Tim Silfies running for Congress in PA-7

05-07-2018, 08:21 PM
A new libertarian voice? Don't know much about him, but apparently he is a Stossel disciple.


05-07-2018, 11:33 PM
He looks pretty good but I disagree with some of his positions:

IMMIGRATION Immigration is in the spirit of America, and an important part of a healthy economy. Unfortunately, the government makes it far too difficult for peaceful people from other nations to become Americans. The result is a chaotic system that rewards unlawful behavior. I will work to streamline the process, to encourage good people to come in through the front door, and to make it easier to stop bad people from coming here illegally. I also support reducing the size of our welfare state, which will assure that the people coming here are doing it for the right reasons.

We have too many immigrants and they aren't assimilating fast enough, we don't need more.

ABORTION I am a pro-choice candidate. Abortion is an intensely personal issue, and people can fundamentally disagree about it in good faith. I respect all points of view, but think it should be a decision left out of the realm of government. To that point, taxpayer dollars should never be involved. Choice is the key here; for women, doctors, and for Americans who don’t want their money used for something they object to.

Abortion takes a human life.

TERM LIMITS I strongly believe in and would do everything possible to enact term limits for members of Congress. No representative should serve more than three terms and no senator should serve more than two. This comes back to the basic idea, lost long ago, that regular people should represent us for a stint in Washington before returning home to their lives. Instead of being governed by career politicians, who serve the interests of themselves and their allies while trying to keep their jobs or climb the ladder, we should know someone is in Washington fighting for us. It should be a public service, not a public career.

Term limits make us lose any good representatives we get while the swamp has an unlimited bench.