View Full Version : An email to all my friends before the boston tea party !

12-11-2007, 07:18 PM
I've drafted an email that will go to about 150 people in my address book. It is more tailored to the left-wing leaning crowd. But I think that if ALL Ron Paul supporters send out personal emails to everyone they know before the tea party...that can add to the total impact.

My guess is that the email below might generate at least 2-3 more donors (if only for few bucks).


A friend asked me a few days ago, what the top 10 reasons were for me for supporting Ron Paul.

Here are just 3 that sold me.

# 1: Monetary Policy - Every time I talk about FIAT Money or the Federal Reserve which is nothing more than a cartel of private bankers, I just get weird looks or mild sneers.
This is an issue that is handful in and of itself and can't be explained in a 30 second sound-bite, but the 45 minute movie at the link below does a decent amount of justice to it.


The gist of the issue is that not only are we unfairly paying for interest on dollars that are created by the Fed out of thin air, but we are also paying in a higher cost of living because of inflation as all this extra money is pumped into the economic system.

# 2: Foreign Policy - The war in Iraq is a big issue for me (and most people I know). Dr. Paul has always consistently voted against it unlike most other candidates. But its more than just Iraq. Its our entire foreign policy of maintaining an empire. Over 700 military bases in over 100 countries. Why are we trying to police the world? Dr. Paul is the only one who is advocating closing down not only the 14 permanent military bases we are building in Iraq, but also hundreds of others in Korea, Japan, Germany and elsewhere.

# 3: The racket we call, the WAR ON DRUGS: I'm probably as close to as someone can get to the definition of 'Never having tried illicit drugs', but I'm not a big fan of imposing morality on others. As long as someone is high on Marijuana (or any other drug) and doesn't pose a danger to others, its nonsensical to lock them up (in some cases over years). These people don't need conviction, if anything... they need treatment. Last year over 780,000 people were jailed for just a mere possession of Marijuana. Thats an awful waste of our tax dollars and not to mention an unfair justice on the ones getting locked up.

These three reasons made me (a self-professing left-wing Ralph Nader fan who would under "normal circumstances" be affiliated with the 'Green Party') a huge fan of Ron Paul...and I hope that you all will join me next Sunday (December 16th) in donating whatever you can (even $5 would go a long way) to the Ron Paul campaign ( www.ronpaul2008.com).

Your donation would mean a huge personal favor to me. :-]

In Peace,

- K.