View Full Version : Historic Flags (handheld) for Donators & REVOLUTIONARY FLAGS!

12-11-2007, 04:06 PM
Not bad pricing for the handheld flags...

per 144 (GROSS)


http://www.americanflagstore.com/handheldamericanflags.htm (http://www.americanflagstore.com/handheldamericanflags.htm)

All types of Historic Flags for RP Protests and Campaigns: (note the "BATTLE" flags BETSY ROSS, BENNINGTONS, & etc...)

http://www.superflag.com/doc/FlagSale/historic.htm (http://www.superflag.com/doc/FlagSale/historic.htm)

VERY GOOD FLAG SITE... good discounted prices... all the Revolutionary War flags would be nice for the TEA PARTY, FED RESERVE, RP Rally events.

http://www.united-states-flag.com/flags-store.html (http://www.united-states-flag.com/flags-store.html)