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12-11-2007, 01:56 AM
An Open Letter to a Fellow Citizen

By Kevin Mears

America has always been about "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness (and Property)." Our Nation was created to protect the Individual rights of Americans from any government that might oppress us. The Founding fathers understood; government that does not follow its Constitution or act in the best interest of its people becomes tyrannical.

Our Government has certain limits. Legislation can't make people morally better. The decision to be morally good has always been the choice of Individuals. Laws can't protect me from myself, and they shouldn't try. Ultimately, I am accountable for my own Safety and Well-Being. Yet every day we hear how government programs are failing. Our education system is failing. Social Security is broken. Medical costs continue to rise. Gas is constantly reaching new record highs. Taxes keep going up. And everywhere I go I hear " But how are we going to pay for all these "Social Programs." The reason these programs are failing isn't because they "don't have enough money."

The reason these programs fail is because they prevent and discourage competition of anyone who would be able to be able to provide a better service. If a business doesn't provide what a customer expects, they don't get money. If a business didn't have to worry about making money, they probably wouldn't be worried about being better than competitors. Government intervention in American Industries promotes a government monopoly, and therefore prevents innovation, entrepreneurship, and the very basis of the "American Dream."

Please act to protect Liberty, Property, and the Constitution.

A concerned Citizen Kevin Mears

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The attached letter was sent via mail to elected officials. It is also being disseminated through emails, bulletins, and newspapers. The letter you just read represents the opinions and views of the individual who wrote it. If you disapprove or support the opinions, please understand that your voice will not be heard heard unless you write your elected officials and educate your fellow citizens. We must support the Constitution and and understand what Freedom really means.

If you have chosen to ignore politics because you feel you can't make a difference, please consider that someone has taken the time to make themselves heard.The only way we can make a change is to hold our representatives accountable to the people they represent. "We the People" must flood the mail boxes of the people who have sworn to "Protect
support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Concerned US citizens must chose to speak for themselves, and present letters and both inform and educate fellow citizens. The Voice of "We the People" will only be heard if we choose to speak for ourselves.

Permission to reproduce the message of an Individual is given so long as the letter of the Individual is presented in its entirety, and clearly separated from the work of other individuals. If you are writing an open letter to an elected official please include the address, phone number, and which people the official is responsible to.