View Full Version : Proposal to create our own professional News Broadcast

12-10-2007, 11:06 PM
In light of the media bias so obviously being perpetrated against Ron Paul and his message of freedom, I propose we create a competitor to the MSM. Since our ideals are to strong to be compromised we can't play the juvenile games of gossip and intrigue they do. Publicity stunts can no longer be relied on time is to short. We can make a polished presentable news format to educate and inform the masses and also garner a loyal fan base that rivals that of the MSM.

We have allowed ourselves to be led by the media for far to long we wait with bated breath hoping they will mention Ron Paul no matter how hard we work they discount us. All of this effort is in vein we need to bring a new venue to the people a free forum for the exploration of topics the media would prefer to ignore. We all know we can get millions of hits on Youtube for Ron Paul but the message is not being packaged and refined like the media does for their chosen candidates. The basic cable channels like CNN, MSNBC and Fox only get about a quarter of a million viewers on average. We can beat them at their own game and generate more attention and ad revenues then they do, since the only principles they seem to uphold is loyalty to the corporation and profits over the constitution we have to impress them with our ability to enter their turf and dominate them. We need to provide a concise repository of independent analysis for the people to consider without the corporate censors regulating the information they are allowed to consider.

Since one tactic the media uses to gain viewers is to utilize beautiful women I propose we see if the Ron Paul girl would be interested in becoming a commentator. A writing staff that has a focus on current events and politics with direct bearing on the lives of Americans will also be necessary. Then we will need well respected members of the print media and the blogs to round out a forum of varied and well educated contributors and political analysts to appear on the broadcast. Another aspect we need to cover is to have reporters in the field asking members of the public their opinions on topics ranging the full political spectrum. These reporters will also have to focus on the problems that have a real impact on the people such as the economy and other livelihood concerns from an open point of view not from the perspective of the elites protecting their interests. We will also need hard hitting investigative pieces to be aired as part of the news program appealing to a diverse viewing audience without just pandering to fear and superficial concerns. All of this will need to be updated on a daily basis in order to maintain a comparison with and direct contrast to the MSM and it's daily propaganda they force feed us. A graphics team will also be needed to make the presentation of the channel compatible with the expectations of the public for reputable well produced news.

In my opinion our reliance on an politically entrenched and corrupt media is shortsighted we need to BECOME THE NEW MEDIA.