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Keith and stuff
07-05-2017, 09:53 AM
'Braid Free or Die!' NH Ends Onerous Licensing For Hair Braiding
P. Gardner Goldsmith
June. 16. 2017

Donít let anyone say America hasnít made progress.

After years of struggle, lives lost in the Revolution fighting to disconnect from the Brits and their heavy-handed taxes, regulations, invasive searches, copious work to add a Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution, and all the efforts to try to get the politicians to actually conform to their own so-called ďrule book," folks can now braid hair for free in New Hampshire.

Earlier this month, N.H. Governor Chris Sununu (son of former Gov. and White House Chief of Staff John H. Sununu) signed a law that -- get this -- decriminalized unlicensed hair braiding.

As the Institute for Justice (IJ) reports, H.B. 82, a bill sponsored by a friend of mine named Carol McGuire (who is consistently one of the most pro-freedom members of the N.H. House), made New Hampshire one of just 23 states that do not require the expensive licensing that the other 27 states mandate in order to simply braid a personís hair.

New Hampshire joins South Dakota and Indiana this year as the latest states to pull back from this ridiculous infringement into a voluntary interaction.

Kudos to Carol McGuire and all those who worked to pass this bill, which, really, would not be necessary in a political framework that operated more in line with the ideas of the Founders.

Because, letís face it: licensing is mercantilism. It's cronyism. Itís the government using mobster-like tactics to give legal oligopoly status to those who already have their businesses up and running. It increases the cost of entry into any field, thus decreasing the likelihood of new competition, and allowing the vested interests the legal power to keep their prices high.

And, just as new hair-braiders should not have to answer to bureaucrats and stuffy politicians who want to make them pay ďprotection moneyĒ to the state, Carol McGuire and those who helped pass this bill should not have had to have spent their time trying to end this corrupt state shakedown. That was one of the major points about the American Revolution: people are supposed to have the liberty to conduct business free of government meddling and favoritism.

Some might look at this particular issue as being inconsequential. But regardless of whether some of us might be out of the market for hair-braiding services, the principle of freedom is key, and, as a result, the opening of this piece is not sarcastic. One really should celebrate the fact that New Hampshire just joined nearly two dozen other states in letting people be free to offer hair-braiding services or payment for those services, while lamenting the fact that others still require licenses.

More at http://www.mrctv.org/blog/braid-free-or-die-nh-ends-onerous-licensing-hair-braiding

07-05-2017, 10:08 AM
The hair stylist industrial complex is going to be upset!

07-05-2017, 11:01 AM
Actually you can walk into any beauty supply store and buy the stuff you need to do just about any hair styling process. The issue the state has is whether I can go buy the stuff, do the process on someone else and get paid for it. That's why an $11 box of color ends up costing $90 dollars in a salon.

07-16-2017, 11:49 AM
One step at a time. Sometimes you win if you keep at it. Hopefully it gives inspiration to other occupations. The more ridiculous....

selling caskets
selling flowers
fortune telling
shampooing somebody's hair
teeth whitening
interior decorating
probably a shitload of others