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06-20-2017, 12:47 PM
HI Everyone.
My name is Alexis and I wanted to open this thread by providing links to tools that could be very helpful for activist fighting in the political arena.
The first tool i wanted to introduce is called Whp the Floor (https://whipthefloor.com) at https://whipthefloor.com.

It comes in two parts :admin part and mobile whip part

Some of the core features of the tool are:

Ability to use the app for different convention types: permanent conventions like Congress sessions, State party conventions, County conventions, Jurisdiction conventions, Ward caucus conventions, Business election assemblies, Student elections, Local municipal elections, and any other assembly that uses Robert's rules of order or parliamentary procedures.
Ability to use PC, tablet, mobile
100% encryption on data
Ability to update and display status on vote preference across all whips at real time
Ability to view whole floor of assembly delegates with their vote preferences
Ability to grant whip rights for the whole floor, unit(s) of the floor or sub units
Ability to indicate voter influencers
Ability to indicate if delegate is present on the floor
Whip the Floor app gives assigned whips the long waited tool to whip votes in real time and receive updates instantly from other whips
The users of the app must be authorized by whipthefloor.com campaign admin to get access to campaign through the app.

This tool could be very effective in county and district convention fights or tracking legislation bills and it is may the first on its kind ever to be publicly available.
Looking forward to hear from you
In Liberty