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Sentient Void
06-17-2017, 07:24 PM
Why hello, everyone!

It's great to see how active this place still is, after all these years, and to see so many familiar names still active on here and pushing that boulder uphill (heh!). It's also very sad to see some of the names that I very distinctly remember from my days here, up on the Memorial Forum. Those were some good, smart folks that are up there... it's very special that you guys have a space for that and it really hit me when I saw it.

Some of you still here probably remember me, but I'm sure there are a *lot* of other people who don't, or simply don't care, which is of course fine. I haven't been here on RPF posting in the forums or blogging, here, for quite a while, now, obviously. Loved the time I was here, the discussions I had, and the people that helped me grow, along with the people I hopefully helped grow. Basically, after a while, I started to see how much debating and discussing these issues on RPF, Facebook, and G+ along with real activism in the real world had taken a lot of my time over. Being a Ron Paul caucus-goer in D6, MA in the 2012 election (which I may at some point post all of the details about in my blog) really drained me good, especially with the tactics of the Romney and GOP campaigns colluding here in MA and arbitrarily dismissing our democratically elected delegates -- so that was that. So to both satisfy my political, economic, and philosophical curiosity and need to discuss, while also freeing up a lot of my time for other pursuits in life, I took to more blogging to just 'get this stuff out', and on to some medium. It's cathartic, and I've minimized my social media time as well, particularly in social network communities or forums.

As it stands, I've moved my primary blogging space to its own site, at a place I call 'A Sisyphean Revolt', where I talk about politics, economics, philosophy, culture, and entertainment. My internet 'nym can be found under 'Steve Lolyouwish' at my blog and elsewhere on the 'net (Google Plus, Reddit, Twitter, etc). If you're at all interested to catch up on my posts, you can find them at http://asisypheanrevolt.blogspot.com.

I may stop by every now and then to either share a blog post or engage with you guys again to satisfy that need, etc, but again, it's been cut down to a minimum. But after stopping by I wanted to say 'hi' and just catch anyone who cared up on what's been going on, and that I'm still kickin', I still love good ole grandpa Ron Paul (that's really what he feels like to me, haha), and no one comes close. We should cherish every moment he's still around and for everything he's done, which really is a lot. AT least for me -- philosophically, politically, intellectually, maturely, etc.

Keep on believing in liberty!

-- Steve

06-17-2017, 07:31 PM
Welcome back. I took a few years off and came back too.

06-17-2017, 07:56 PM
I remember that in 2012, when the Lt. Governor got beat by a kid straight out of high school.

Sentient Void
06-17-2017, 09:47 PM
I remember that in 2012, when the Lt. Governor got beat by a kid straight out of high school.

Hah. I remember that for sure. I was right there in the Lynnfield high school, saw it all happen. The look on the GOP establishment delegates' faces... it was classic. Initially, they were 'all so excited to see so many young people' -- used to only 20-50 faces, and they had over 250 people or something. Then, when they started to see what was happening -- getting almost all of their delegates replaced by RP delegates -- it was the most wonderful thing, ever. Former Lt. Gov. to Mitt Romney, Kerry Healey, was beaten by an articulate and smart high school kid -- she stormed out of the room. She was so fake, too, like most of the delegates. So calculated, practiced, political. It made me kind of sick to my stomach to watch. Insulting.

The now governor of MA Charlie Baker was there, too -- he was genuine. And after all the bullshit happened with the GOP and Romney collusion to dismiss and hand-pick their own delegates, he was the only one who came out publicly and said we had a right to be at Tampa. He was also a delegate who had run and was soundly defeated by a RP delegate, also.

Good times. But enlightening as well. That even when you win, paying by their rules -- they'll just pull the rug out from under you and change the rules to their liking, while threatening you with lawsuits. Just despicable.

Real change will come culturally, and with technology, and with approaching critical mass, and making the state increasingly obsolete, I think. Trump winning, in a way, was a success -- he was a protest vote that happened to win, much to the chagrin of the establishment. But we can clearly see that while the silver lining was saving SCOTUS and watching progressives, socialists, and SJWs head explode the world over in salty crocodile tears, and the evaporation of their social and political power in front of us -- real political change, lower regulations, and lower taxes is looking increasingly unlikely. And don't even get me started on the bullshit around the wall and his destructive protectionism.

But I digress. Needed to vent. Good time and place to do it.

Wilbur Davis
06-19-2017, 06:15 AM
Very nice to see

06-19-2017, 01:47 PM
Thanks for the update and your blog info.