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05-11-2017, 07:00 AM
wednesday may 10, 2017

It's always important from the standpoint of peace that America and Russia, two major nuclear powers, continue to practice diplomacy.

The 20th century, with hundreds of millions dead as a result of government wars, provides us all with valuable lessons on the importance of diplomacy.

Below, I discuss the recent meeting with Trump and Lavrov, the accusations of Russia interference with our election, the Comey firing, and the safe zones that that are being set up in Syria:



05-11-2017, 07:29 AM
I really wish they would transcribe these segments.

05-11-2017, 07:38 AM
I really wish they would transcribe these segments.

No you tube for you?

It can be copied, but it's a bit on the long side for a post...:)

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No you tube for you?

The missus is a light sleeper and this is her sleep in day. :p And, honestly, I can read through something much faster than the spoken word.

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let's get more reaction on live analysis
0:03on that meeting from Ron Paul former US
0:06presidential candidate and Congressman
0:09also pleasure to have you on the program
0:10sir so there we have it there you have
0:12rough seas that President Trump wants
0:15productive relations with Moscow after
0:17the previous administration soured them
0:20can they be improve considering this
0:23storm now over the alleged ties between
0:26team Trump and Russia do you think oh
0:29absolutely and I think there has been
0:32what's going on right now is an
0:34improvement and I think what's going on
0:36in Syria with these de-escalation
0:39exhalations of zones I think that is
0:42good and they're talking to each other I
0:43I just don't understand why sometimes
0:45there's an impression that we should be
0:48having diplomatic conversations so
0:50that's an argument that we who are in
0:53the libertarian camp argue for because
0:56all the tough rhetoric doesn't do any
0:58good so and Trump statement tamiya to me
1:02sounded pretty good
1:03you know today and I think that whole
1:06thing about the elections putting that
1:09aside would be a wise thing because the
1:11evidence is not there for any intrusion
1:14in our election by the Russians so I
1:16think this is a good progress there will
1:18be plenty on in this country of
1:21individual who complain about it because
1:23it just seems like they are very content
1:25to keep the aggravation going right now
1:29the relationship from my viewpoint has
1:32greatly improved I think that was good
1:35yeah during the media conference some
1:38journalists again raised the question of
1:40possible Russian involvement in US
1:43politics the election was foremost in
1:47those allegations this is how Lavrov
1:49reacted let's take a listen again
1:53awesome god dude did I understand
1:56correctly that President Trump hasn't
1:57brought up Russian involvement in the
1:59u.s. election last year just a little
2:03stool I've just said that president
2:05Trump's publicly called it fiction what
2:08was it you know put on the table just
2:09one single fact they move
2:11react to it that's just going to go yeah
2:14well we're looking for a fact that's
2:15what Sergey Lavrov is saying do you feel
2:17that way yeah I think if there's a fact
2:23we should hear about it that we haven't
2:25and those individuals who are trying to
2:27stir up trouble like that they haven't
2:29come up with any facts
2:31nobody wants anybody's election
2:33interfered with but the facts aren't
2:35there so why do well on it why use that
2:37as an excuse to prevent something that
2:40we think is positive and that's better
2:42relations with with Russia so I would
2:45think this is this is very good on
2:47what's happening in this conversation I
2:49think is very beneficial or the most
2:51important discussion most likely was on
2:54Syria wasn't it according to Sergey
2:55Lavrov Donald Trump expresses its
2:57support for creating safe zones in the
3:01country it's not going to pave the way
3:03do you believe for cooperation finally
3:05between the two coalition's no well
3:10let's hope so but there's no guarantee
3:12on this you know the United States had
3:14talked about his safe zone - or no-fly
3:17zone which was a little bit different
3:18and I and right now there's been no
3:22harsh statements about from United
3:23States about these safe zones so I think
3:25I think this is very good and it looks
3:29like they're moving along but to say
3:31well this is going to bring all the
3:33factions together there's going to be no
3:34accidents and nobody doing something on
3:36purpose to stir up trouble there's
3:38always there's a lot of people a lot of
3:40factions in Syria and there's a lot of
3:43room for things to go awry and let's
3:47hope that doesn't happen because now I
3:49think you know with Assad and Russia
3:53working together and getting more
3:55security for the country at the same
3:57time United States is now talking with
4:00with Russia I think I think this is good
4:03but just the acceptance of the idea that
4:06we should be talking and practicing
4:08diplomacy rather than threats and
4:10intimidation but there are obviously a
4:13lot of problems there that have to be
4:16worked out but I would say in the last
4:18week in last couple days very positive
4:21things have been happening
4:22well another aspect of this is that some
4:25progress has been made in Syria without
4:28the u.s. being directly involved as well
4:30do you think that Washington's readiness
4:33know to participate in the Syria peace
4:35process is largely down to Washington
4:38maybe being feeling left out well let's
4:45hope so I can't predict what people will
4:47do but obviously the president has a lot
4:50to say about this and he's working in
4:53that direction I was disappointed when
4:55he sort of went back and forth because
4:58originally and during the campaign and
5:00right afterwards he argued the case for
5:03a favorable relationship with Russia and
5:05not stirring up trouble and then he
5:07seemed to back off a little bit but
5:09right now he's back on track and one of
5:11the things I have you know supported him
5:15for because he was dealing with Russia
5:17in a different manner so I would say
5:19this is all very good and the
5:21president's the one that makes this
5:23determination and there will be times
5:25when he thinks that he should you know
5:28be working very closely with Russia and
5:30that's very good but we still have
5:32there's other factions you can't predict
5:34what we are hoping it will be a summer
5:36of cooperation to get Sergey Lavrov
5:38walls to confirm that they at Russian
5:40and American leaders will meet on the
5:42sidelines of the g20 summit that's in
5:44July how big how important could that be
5:48for warming relations well I think it's
5:54important always to talk I think that's
5:56less important than what's going on
5:57right now with what Tillerson is doing
6:02and what Trump is doing and talking with
6:04Lavrov I think that is the most
6:07important direct conversation if you can
6:09get support for what they are doing and
6:11talking about with the g7 the more the
6:13merrier but I think it's as much
6:16bilateral conversation as possible is
6:18always the best way to go yet today's
6:21meeting comes after the the firing of
6:24course as I'm sure you've heard of FBI
6:26director James Comey big news of the day
6:28what do you make of the timing to all
6:31this the meeting coming after that
6:35well it's hard to figure because you
6:38know of course Trump his political
6:41enemies are charging well he's doing
6:43this so that there's no investigation to
6:46slow up the investigation to find out
6:48what the Russians have been doing to
6:50interfere in our election but like we
6:52just said earlier in this conversation
6:53is where are the facts and why are the
6:56charges being made so and I think this
6:59is a recognition that there are no
7:01charges because Trump wouldn't do
7:03anything to stir up more trouble and
7:05people are trying to stir up trouble
7:06that way but I don't think the firing
7:08had anything to do with the so-called an
7:12investigation I think it has to do with
7:14the problem that the credibility of
7:17Comey was such where he was involved too
7:20politically in the issues you know it
7:22was first it was looked like he was
7:24supporting Hillary then the next time he
7:26was supporting Trump and and he should
7:29have been out front on either one of
7:31those issues that that should have been
7:33done more privately on these charges
7:35made that were done confirmed so I think
7:38this is a you know represents poor
7:42judgment on commis part and certainly
7:45the President had the authority to to
7:47fire them and it will be politicized
7:50there's going to be a lot and the big
7:52question will come up now on whether or
7:54not there's going to be a special
7:55prosecutor but if there's no problems
7:58there a special prosecutor and probably
8:01in my estimation is unnecessary but
8:04there will be a lot of political
8:06agitation over that but a special
8:09prosecutor is not going to come up with
8:11all the correct answers believe me yes
8:13okay for your time and your thoughts
8:15this are Ron Paul former congressman on
8:18presidential candidate thank you

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If you go to you tube and click the 'more' symbol> transcript..

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If you go to you tube and click the 'more' symbol> transcript..

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