View Full Version : The Least Blind Group Will Win

03-12-2017, 06:05 PM
The Libertarian Party (LP) has never won. But check this out…


Scroll down on that page and you’ll be able to see the actual demand for the different potential themes for their 2018 convention. We can see, in dollar amounts, just how important/relevant/valuable each theme is. We can see more! Being able to see more means being less blind! And whichever group is the least blind will win!

I’m pretty sure that markets work because they allow us to see the demand for things. In markets… people are less blind. The economic decisions they make more accurately reflect the rarity of resources in conditions and circumstances that are complex and constantly changing.

The LP is, in theory, the party that’s most supportive of markets. Now they are even allowing the market to choose the theme for their 2018 convention! If the LP allows the market to guide its biggest decisions then it will be the least blind group by far. And whichever group is the least blind will win!

Does anybody know of any other examples of surveys where voting has been replaced with spending? Do these type of surveys have a technical name?