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02-08-2017, 05:31 PM
There is an issue that needs to be addressed. A innocent journalist has been wrongfully convicted and he has decided to write The White House, asking U.S. President Donald J. Trump to give him a full pardon on the basis of actual innocence. He is also asking for his guilty plea to be expunged and expunge his entire conviction since the U.S. Attorney, as well as his own court appointed lawyer, have both wanted to charge Brian with perjury for proving his actual innocence. This is a disgrace to force him to take a guilty plea then threaten him with perjury once he proves his actual innocence to the crime.

So he has to choose between being a false sex offender or go to prison for perjury for his false guilty plea. That ain't right, and discredits the purpose of the registry. We are only supposed to mandate that rapists and molesters are on there, but now journalists, activists, and dissidents are being set up.

Even Alex Jones admitted, 35min into the show on February 3, 2017, that "In the old days, if you mess with the pedophile rings, they just load up a bunch of child porn on your computer." The fact that even Alex is admitting this, as well as We Are Change's Luke Rudkowski, Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes, Ian Freeman of FreeTalkLive, and others, is a pure sign that Brian D. Hill is right, that child porn is a WEAPON. It is the most disturbing weapon that any sicko can use against you. Just plant a few hundreds, or even copy a few thousands to your personal or political enemy and ruin their life forever, haha (sarcasm). This kind of disgusting BS is exactly why we need to stop ignoring those that claim they were set up and demand real investigations into each claim.

In Brian's case, it is clear cut that suspected files of interest (Not even confirmed CP, none of the claimed number of files have ever been confirmed, it could have been made up for all I know) were downloading on Brian's Laptop from July 20, 2012, and July 28, 2013. The threatening messages from tormail.org have statements that match information that cannot even be legally photocopied (U.S. Attorney scum).


Details and proof of Innocence of Journalist Brian D. Hill, of USWGO Alternative News:
Brian D. Hill is innocent, Brian has Autism Spectrum Disorder, he was forced into a false guilty plea, does have evidence (even on his seized News Media laptop) that he was framed and can convince any reasonable Jury to find him innocent.
The Honorable U.S. President Trump has the legal authority under Ex parte Garland (U.S. Supreme Court ruling) 71 U.S. 333 (1866) and the U.S. Constitution to not only issue a pardon to overturn his wrongful conviction but "blots out of existence the guilt, so that, in the eye of the law, the offender is as innocent." Brian is innocent & needs a pardon.

I understand many of you are afraid to help him, give him a good lawyer, sign a petition to help him, or even mention him on your blogs because of the criminal charge subject matter, but he clearly wants to prove his Innocence, something that real rapists and molesters do not want to do. Brian has signed over 10+ Declarations and has signed an Affidavit claiming his Innocence, which the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI are clearly ignoring. Once Jeff Sessions, a more strict law enforcing Attorney General is in power, Brian is at risk of over 10+ perjury charges if he sticks with his false guilty plea.

Brian had no right to prove his Innocence. He told the Judge N. Carlton Tilley Junior, that "this is a kangaroo court, your honor." Even though Brian was threatened with a contempt of court charge over openly calling his court an unconstitutional kangaroo court, Brian was willing to risk an additional criminal charge to fight back against the corruption in the U.S. District Court, because he wants to prove his Innocence, but the crooked Judges won't let him.

How would any of you feel if a corrupt Federal Judge refuses to let you have substitute Counsel and your forced to have a court appointed lawyer or you can file Pro Se which the Judges openly ignore Pro Se arguments. You can submit as much valid evidence as the moon, but the Federal Judges will just threaten you, laugh at you, or ignore you.

The letters that Brian had faxed and mailed to The White House have not been made public yet, but hopefully Aaron Kesel of We Are Change will publish those letters, then you can all see the facts that Brian has presented under Oath, facts that clearly prove that Brian didn't give an honest confession to the police (aka the false confession), that he was questioned around lunch time when they knew he was a Type 1 Diabetic, that his confession doesn't match any forensic claims (the one year claim matches, but that year had 11 months of that time when in the custody of law enforcement.), and that the Presentence Investigation Report stated that no claimed CP files are apart of any known CP series of production. So for the amount of files that they claimed was on Brian's computer, none of them match the database of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Even out of that, no claims for restitution were ever filed.


Brian did his Nulify-NDAA Petition to get the state of North Carolina to block torture as mandated by the NDAA 2012 law, and then a few months later he is accused of computer files of the very torture that he worked hard against.


So Brian goes up against North Carolina State Senator Phil Berger Senior, didn't even realize that his son was formerly the District Attorney of Rockingham County. Then the police Detective that investigated Brian for CP allegations, Reidsville PD Detective Robert Bridge, his sister was Melanie Bridge and was the Assistant District Attorney of Rockingham County under the payroll of Phil Berger Junior.


After Brian's arrest on a single count charge of possession of CP, Melanie Bridge was publicly endorsed to be the next District Attorney if she gets enough votes in the general election.

Brian publicly wanted Phil Berger removed from Office:


So Brian posted all kinds of stuff, and even went to Berger Sr.'s Facebook page asking his fans (aka people that vote for him) to learn the truth about Phil Berger betraying his Constituents. Even his son supported what is going on at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by having his photo taken at "Camp Justice." Like he thinks he is some proud justice warrior fighting against suspected criminals and terrorists, the egotistical politician.

This is a clear conflict of interest, for a State Senator's son to be investigating and aiding to prosecute a Journalist for child pornography. Not just that but the very subject matter of the charge angers the average folks. That means nobody wants to help him prove his Innocence. This is clearly political. Brian publicly calls for the Senator to be removed from office, calls him a traitor, then his son investigates Brian for child porn? That is just political and should have been investigated by somebody else.

The local District Attorney should have recused himself, then the matter should have been promptly been investigated by Attorney General Roy Cooper, but that didn't happen. It was under Phil Berger Jr.'s control before it was turned over to the Assistant U.S. Attorney that steamrolled Brian and thrown him under the bus. Brian was wrongfully convicted. The evidence in the discovery papers clearly show that child porn was loaded on his Laptop until July 28, 2013. Brian's Laptop was seized on August 28, 2012, according to the Search Warrant in the Rockingham County Superior Court records.

Who will the Jury believe if Brian does take this back to trial, Phil Berger Jr. a man that had connections throughout the entire CP investigation against Brian or the former Journalist himself?

Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News clearly does have a Constitutional right to prove his Innocence, to have an effective lawyer demonstrate that he is innocent, but he was denied all of that by two crooked traitorous Federal Judges that act as though they are the law.

If Brian cannot be allowed to present any evidence nor have any right to prove his innocence to a serious sexual crime such as possession, then we must all go to prison and be denied the right to a trial.

If you all think that Brian has no right to prove his Innocence because of what he has been charged with, then none of you deserve a right to a trial under any criminal charge, you should all falsely plead guilty if you don't think Brian should have such right to proving his Innocence.

02-08-2017, 05:50 PM
Brian is ready to prove his Innocence. Once We Are Change publishes his White House correspondence, then I will let you know here and show screenshots of his letters to U.S. President Trump.

If any lawyers wish to help him with his Middle District of North Carolina Federal case, then please let me know.

Jailed with Autism: Ruth Roberts: 9781542650748: Amazon.com: Books (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1542650747)
The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill: Brian D. Hill: 9781541362499: Amazon.com: Books (https://www.amazon.com/Frame-Up-Journalist-Brian-Hill/dp/1541362497)

Please let him present his facts before reserving judgment on him. If people rather just think he is guilty, then nobody deserves a fair trial, nobody deserves to prove their innocence. For those that sacrifice liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.

Brian is running out of time. The N.C. State Bureau of Investigation may destroy his seized property this year, and without a lawyer, he hasn't got a prayer. He almost committed suicide because of this crap. He deserves better treatment but people rather ignore him or want to kill him.

I am sick of the label Brian is given. Brian should have a right to prove his Innocence, Jesus. Well I guess they tortured Jesus, claimed that Jesus used the power of the devil to cast out devils, and the people that persecuted him had the general public convinced that Jesus needed to be tortured and killed.

I guess the same has to happen to Brian before people wake up to how corrupt and warped our judicial system has become.

02-10-2017, 08:28 AM
The White House Petition website has been having problems.

Here are two petition links on third party sites, that way it will be difficult for both petitions to be censored by the corrupt Government members.