View Full Version : Does anyone follow "Family Of Secrets" author Russ Baker's website: WhoWhatWhy?

01-28-2017, 01:19 PM
I'm interested in hearing opinions about his site: WhoWhatWhy.org. I loved FOS (and highly encourage people to read it) and, for a while I liked WhoWhatWhy. They did great coverage after the Boston marathon bombing. However, after that, the site has gotten progressively worse. It is all under Russ Baker's name too so I'm assuming he approves of what is being written/said there. They currently have an interview on there with a guy named Don Tapscott who is pushing, amongst other things, the positives of Davos ("the purpose of the World Economic Forum is to improve the state of the world") and digital currency ("they could do helicopter drops into the bank accounts of citizens or of entrepreneurs").

Below is the propaganda article I'm referring to. What I wonder though is if this changes people's perception of Russ Baker. Is he controlled opposition (I tend not to think so, btw) or maybe there's something more nuanced going on? I know WhoWhatWhy is a 501C3, meaning (I believe) that the government potentially has some leverage (e.g. they can eliminate financial benefits) over what gets said. In any case, I'm interested in people's thoughts on this.