View Full Version : Kris Wampler running for Mulvaney's seat in SC-5

01-25-2017, 06:21 AM

Wampler’s campaign will focus on continuing and building upon the small government, pro-liberty message of Rep. Mulvaney. Among other key positions, Kris pledges the following:

-Strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution. This means no votes to fund, staff, create, or expand any departments, agencies, or programs not explicitly permitted by the Constitution
-Absolute and unqualified defense of the Second Amendment
-A pro-life and pro-religious liberty voting record
-Opposition to any spending increases, whether proposed by Republicans or Democrats
-Deep cuts in existing spending, with no government department or agency exempt
-No vote, ever, to raise the debt ceiling
-The return of power from the federal government to individuals
-Auditing and ultimately abolishing the Federal Reserve
-Withdrawal from the United Nations, NAFTA, and other internationalist organizations and agreements which destroy jobs and undermine national sovereignty
-Opposition to all unconstitutional wars and insistence that Congress, at a minimum, vote to declare war
-No corporate welfare or foreign aid of any kind
-An end to the unconstitutional drug war and civil asset forfeiture