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During the introductions, McCain and Paul get the warmest applause.

First question: Bush got 40 percent of the Latino vote, but Latinos defected in 2006.

Giuliani: Latino vote is important. They voted for me in NYC. Smooches, kisses, hugs. Latinos want to vote for me. I'm good in a crisis (9/11!).

Romney: Latinos not happy with DC. They serve in military. I would expand military so more Latinos can get killed in our wars. I would lower taxes.

Huckabee: Latinos are like regular Americans: Opportunity, justice. And Republicans should reach out to Latinos. Something about schools, something else about diabetes, and if we talk about that stuff, we'll get their vote.

McCain: My state has lots of Latinos, so that's why I'm not a raging bigot. Much of the rhetoric Latinos hear about immigration leads people to believe that Republicans don't care for them. (Applause.) Latinos are against abortion, for small business, pro-military and Iraq (not really, but whatever).

Thompson: Latinos share Republican values, but Republicans have gotten away from Republican values. We're spending without limit. Defense spending! Activist judges! You know, those things which are so important to Latinos.

Hunter: Young people who vote should vote Republican. Cuba! Castro! You know, something that happened 45 years ago are exactly the reasons young people today should vote for us. Oh, and El Salvador. Ronald Reagan! (Crowd pleaser for the Cuban-American crowd.)

Paul: Latinos are getting away from Republicans because of big government. And Iraq (applause).

By attending this (Spanish-language) debate, are Republicans alienating their base?

Romney: Liberty and justice, one nation under all. We're a pluralistic society. (Just not on this stage.) Latinos came here to find opportunity, and this is the land of opportunity.

Giuliani: Latinos are Americans too. We have common values. Opportunity,

Huckabee: The bigger risk would've been not attending. It would be an insult not to Latinos, but to the whole country, sending a message that we'd be afraid to face certain people or certain questions, even if those people disagree with us.

31 million Americans speak Spanish, so is there a practical reason for an "official" English language?

McCain: There's value in making all Americans speak English. It's the only way to advance economically. Everyone who comes here with the intention of building a better life should learn it. (Doesn't mean it must be an "official" language)

Paul: People who attack bilingualism are jealous. Official government proceedings should be in English, but as far as anything else goes -- like education or private use -- there's nothing wrong with bilingualism.

85% of viewer submitted questions dealt with immigration. What would you do with 12 million undocumented immigrants?

Giuliani: First thing we need to do is shut down illegal immigration, and you do that at the border. Build big wall. Of concrete. With technology! And a national ID card. One the border is secure, we can then worry about the 12 million. Legal immigration is good, but first build a big wall.

Huckabee: Big wall! But there must be a path to citizenship. Used the word "amnesty" (or at least the translator did).Why does immigration paperwork take so long? Credit cards take a few weeks to issue, government should be able to generate work papers quickly. Something about privatizing immigration (translator mistake? made little sense). Immigrants shouldn't have to live in fear from a government

Why not legalize undocumented immigrants if the polls favor it?

Thompson: Because we are a nation of laws!

Romney: There are family members of legal immigrants waiting in their home countries waiting for papers. They are following the laws. (And of course, they are separated for up to a decade waiting for papers...)

Hunter: I was in Vietnam, came home, and told people that they sucked if they came here illegally. If they came here illegally, they need to get the f' out.

Will you try another effort at immigration reform with a pass to citizenship?

McCain: Yes. I would look for a solution, not complain about the problem.

To Romney: Did you report that landscaping company to immigration authorities? Should people report 'suspicious' people to immigration authorities?

Romney: I made mistake by hiring undocumented immigrants to mow my lawn. I fired them. But how the hell was I supposed to know when I hired that firm?

3 million children in the US have at least one undocumented immigrant parents. They are Americans. Do they have a right against being divided from their families?

Thompson: It's f'd up that courts say that children of immigrants are American citizens. (wow.) That needs to be changed. But let's not worry about those kids who are being separated from their families. Let's focus on those who come here illegally (since apparently it doesn't make us look so horrible as advocating tearing families apart).

McCain: We've got to secure our borders, and then we can worry about children being torn away from their parents. You know, the "hard questions".

Romney: Finally we'll solve the problem of illegal immigration, so it won't be a problem. It's f'd up when illegals have babies, so I don't care, tear them apart. We are a nation of laws! So f' the kids. Their parents shouldn't be "rewarded" by being able to stay in the US with their children. But all of this with "compassion".

[kos: this question has just killed Republicans.]

Many Latinos -- legal and not -- are affected by the negative anti-Latino rhetoric. How would you deal with that?

Hunter: I built the wall on the San Diego border. Latinos want walls too. Respect the laws!

Giuliani: Immigration is a tough issue. Close the border to save the border. People shouldn't cross it illegal.

[Kos: will anyone answer this question?]

Huckabee: People assume brown people are illegal, so if illegal immigration stops, people won't hate Latinos anymore.

Paul: ID cards are a stupid idea (gets big applause). If we stop wasting money overseas and fix our economy, people won't need to scapegoat Latinos.


The wife: Wow, they really think they can without Latinos. They're going for the old Cuban vote, but those people are dying out.

The people of Venezuela rebuked Hugo Chavez (applause). How would you deal with Chavez?

Paul: I would deal with him the way we deal with everyone else in this country. We should talk to Chavez, talk to Cuba (people boo). For too long, we interfere in people's business, and we've created people like Castro (more boos). Hilarious response from the Republican Latino audience (Cuban, obviously). And true.

Huckabee: Chavez isn't a friend of the U.S. He's a good reason to become energy independence, so we don't have to deal with people like him.

Giuliani: Chavez is acting like a dictator, and should be treated as such. Mexico voted for Calderon because Mexicans hate Chavez. Freedom. Free markets.

What would you do about Cuba?

Thompson: I'd make sure that he wouldn't outlive another American president (ha ha, see here). We should treat Raul the way we treated Fidel. Embargo! (because it's worked so well the last 45 years!).

Romney: Castro is a coward. He terrorizes people. Am I pandering good enough? Isolate Cuba. (You know, all those things which have worked so well in the past...)

McCain: The Cuban wingnut reps (like the Ballards) support me, so whatever they say, I'm there.

Two out of three Latinos want out of Iraq, how would you convince them otherwise?

Hunter: My son is back in Iraq for the third time, and Latinos also want to see their kids sent there. The surge is successful, so we won! And Latinos in Iraq want to stay in Iraq.

Giuliani: Democrats want out, but we need to support our troops. (Because nothing says "we support you" than sending our troops back to Iraq time and time again.)

McCain: We're winning! I was the only person who has ever opposed the conduct of this war. Me, just me. I even wrote a sternly worded letter demanding Rumsfeld resign. A couple of Latinos died in Iraq. I never felt prouder.

Huckabee: We're winning! There were lots of people dying before, now there are lots of people dying, but not so many. And if we bring our troops home safe and sound to their families, we would destroy their morale. And the terrorists would win.

Romney: Let me lecture you: it's not about oil, or being there a long time. It's about protecting life. You know, those hundreds of thousands that have died there the last few years? We're protecting them. Um, the USS Cole... And we couldn't have Iraq become Afghanistan (what with the endless wars, weak central government, and terrorist activities within its borders...)

Thompson: They declared war on us. (Iraq did?) If we don't fight them there, they'll attack us here.

Paul: I have a different point of view, because we have no justification for being there. We didn't declare war. Bring our troops home (big applause -- and this is a Republican audience, remember).

What would you do about high health care costs?

McCain: I will preserve the quality of our service, but end cost inflation. I would go back to Ronald Reagan's proposals for medical savings plans and tax cuts.

Giuliani: I promise better quality, lower costs! How, um, tax cuts and medical savings accounts. Like McCain said but better.

Huckabee: We need to focus on prevention. If people don't get sick, they don't have to worry about paying for health care! Universal healthcare, but not until we don't get sick. Let's send Michael Moore to Cuba to get healthcare, I'd rather get it here.

Romney: I have a plan: Prevention, people who are sick should go to the doctor, and everyone should have insurance!

Thompson: Certainly not socialized medicine, heavens no! The markets will solve the problem. People shouldn't have to get insurance from their employers, but should be personal. And did I mention that the free markets will solve everything?

COMMERCIAL BREAK (almost done, phew!)

What would we do to improve public education

Thompson: It would be great for a president to have a plan to improve education. Alas, I don't have a plan. I'll let the states try and figure it out.

McCain: Kick bad teachers out, close bad schools. In Philadelphia, schools are improving! (So apparently his plan is to move to Philadelphia once your school is closed.)

Romney: Speak English. Test the kids. Pay teachers more.

One out of three Latinos don't finish high school. What would you do to stem high school dropouts

Huckabee: If I didn't go to school, I wouldn't be here. School is good! We need more science (really!), more math. And more science (again). And the arts. And if we make school fun, kids will stick around.

Giuliani: I went to school. We have the best school system in the world, they're just not the public ones. So school vouchers.

Hunter: There was a Latino calculus teacher in California who was so good, schools thought his classes were cheating. (Yeah, I saw that movie too.) We need more like that guy teaching classes.

Latinos are the biggest minority in the U.S., and we're growing even larger. What role will Latinos play in our country's future development?

Huckabee: People who come here, become Americans. They share our hopes and dreams. And more talk about "dreams" and opportunity. And yet more talk of dreams and hopes. And opportunity. And dreams.

Hunter: Ronald Reagan saved El Salvador. Republicans are for liberty. Democrats suck, and let me talk about how Republicans are awesome. And yeah, I didn't answer the question, but aren't Republicans awesome? I'd rather make this question about me, than about you.

Romney: Who will think of the children? Latinos also like to fight wars for freedom, which gives them permission to be part of our society. Latinos know gay people suck. They know family is about man and woman.

McCain: We are a richer country, with their music, food, and language, and also for their love for this country.
(Really, McCain is the ONLY person on that stage that understands and properly respects Latinos.)

Paul: Latinos want to restore the Constitution and freedom and end wars overseas. You know, just like me!

Giuliani: Latinos have come far in this country, and their values on family and work have pushed us all to be better. This has been great for America.

Romney: The US needs everyone. There are those who want to destroy this country. We have increased competition from India and China. We need a strong army. Some people are having kids without getting married. This is the land of the free, home of the brave, and Latinos are free and brave -- as long as they help us fight these enemies.


The end.

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Why not legalize undocumented immigrants if the polls favor it?

Hunter: I was in Vietnam, came home, and told people that they sucked if they came here illegally. If they came here illegally, they need to get the f' out.

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