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12-30-2016, 10:03 PM
From a fundraising email:

There’s so much potential for our country in the new year.

I’m hopeful that in 2017 we can advance many of the policy goals that have eluded Congress: tax reform that unleashes economic growth, a step back from unnecessary regulation, fiscal discipline, and a newfound respect for civil liberties.

But before we turn our sights to 2017, it’s worth looking back at what we’ve accomplished together in the past year.

Civil liberties

We proved again that the American people will not quietly tolerate the violation of their civil liberties. We called out the FBI’s attempt to force Apple to break its encryption. If Apple had given in to the government’s demands, tens of millions of our phones, computers, and databases stored in the cloud would have been compromised, and more malicious actors would have had an easier route to our private information.

A group of civil libertarians stood up to government secrecy time and again in 2016. We blocked a rushed attempt to expand the Patriot Act. And when news reports suggested that the government secretly scanned millions of innocent Americans’ Yahoo accounts, we demanded the truth.


We battled the Washington political class’s insatiable appetite for more spending and debt. We were promised a return to regular order—that spending bills would be considered one-by-one on their merits. Instead, Congress pushed through catch-all appropriations.

We succeeded, for now, in blocking the partial repeal of the earmark ban. Politicians cannot claim in one breath to drain the swamp in Washington when, in the next breath, they resurrect pork projects and backroom spending deals. We exposed their earmark scheme and are readying for the next fight in the coming months.


We ensured that the administration’s rush to send troops and American weapons into conflict zones was slowed. The Obama administration initiated a large weapons sale to Saudi Arabia without public vetting or congressional input. Defenders of liberty in the House worked with Rand Paul and our Senate allies to raise awareness about the planned sale and to force a re-examination of the fraught relationship with Saudi Arabia.

We fought for the declassification of the “missing pages” of the congressional report on 9/11—and more information from that report now is available to the public. We blocked some of the administration’s attempts to put more of our young men and women into the conflict in Syria. And when the administration alleged that Russia interfered with our elections—and used the allegations as justification for unilateral action against Russia—we demanded to get the facts so that any potential conflict between the two countries would be based on sound information, not conjecture.

The Constitution

Tying together all our efforts this year is a recognition that our freedoms are most secure when we uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law. I helped establish the Fourth Amendment Caucus, a bipartisan group of representatives specifically tasked with strengthening our right against unreasonable searches and seizures. I recently cofounded the Second Amendment Caucus, similarly focused on pushing back against infringements on our right to keep and bear arms. And I continue to serve as chairman of the House Liberty Caucus, the most important alliance for liberty on Capitol Hill.


We defended our principles together in 2016. It’s an effort of the movement; no single one of us could do it alone.

Although the vast majority of Americans share our principles, we’re constantly under attack from a concentrated minority of special interests. We know their advantages: They use their elite connections and overwhelming financial resources to make up for their lack of public support.

That’s why it’s so important that we remain alert and organized. Coming in to a new year and a new Congress, I pledge to do my part. I will always defend our principles, build our coalition, educate new allies, and inform the public when I spot sham deals being concocted in the halls of the Capitol.

As we close out the year, the movement needs you. We face big challenges in 2017, and I expect that the attacks against us will ramp up—perhaps more than we’ve ever seen.

At 11:59 p.m. on this Saturday, December 31, my campaign closes its books for the year. A few weeks later, we will total our resources and report our fundraising to the public.

Will you help us close 2016 on a high note?

Will you stand with me by making one last donation before the new year?

Any donation you can make—$5, $15, $35, $75, or $100—will tell everyone that we’re ready for the fight. Closing 2016 with a whimper would send the opposite message.

Please, before the calendar flips to 2017, make the most generous contribution to our movement that you’re able to. We all depend on it.

Thank you in advance. Your support means so much to me.

In liberty,


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