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12-11-2016, 04:04 PM
Rand Paul: Why I Will Vote to Repeal Obamacare

Sen. Rand Paul
December 11, 2016

As a physician, I know well the problems with Obamacare. I donít think anyone has more disdain for this big government takeover of our healthcare system. It needs to be stopped, and we must replace it with reforms that move us in the opposite direction.

I will vote to repeal Obamacare in January. I believe it is something that the Republican Congress must do.

However, in our fervor to repeal Obamacare, conservatives should not forget or abandon the principles that make us conservative in the first place. Quirky, arcane rules allow Congress to repeal Obamacare with a simple majority but only if Congress passes a budget first.

Anyone who follows Congress knows that Congress only sometimes passes budgets and when they do the budgets, even GOP budgets, it never leads to a balanced budget.

Republicans, including myself, are giddy to repeal Obamacare but I urge a word of caution. We should not abandon the principles of fiscal conservatism in order to repeal Obamacare.


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12-11-2016, 04:06 PM
He doesn't mention the unconstitutionality of it...

12-11-2016, 04:37 PM
He doesn't mention the unconstitutionality of it...

Oh no! Here is a guy arguing in favor of repealing a law that none of us like for completely valid reasons designed to get the majority of people to agree. But lets bitch and whine because he doesn't choose our pet argument that does nothing but invite pointless disagreements that get us no where; especially when the SC already screwed us over in that regard.