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11-25-2016, 02:55 PM
If I could talk to President Donald Trump NOW I would say:

please consider posting also on: greatagain.gov

I believe it is important to post what you think as liberty minded people. If we stop speaking up we will be excluded yet again from these processes. Personally I believe that creative communication is the most memorable and dynamic way of education. Just google images from eras of the past. They resonate and are forever in our minds. Be a part of it. (Remember that from 2007-08?) We are the revolution 2017!

Where do we see the FREEDOM Movement in 2017 during the Trump administration?

While it is wonderful to talk to each other about the liberty the Constitution affords us there still remains a massive under educated nation of people who don't have a clue what that means or why it is important for a free people. Since the 2007 Ron Paul Revolution we have been answering serious questions like: What is a free person verses a person who is enslaved? What is the Constitutional restricted role of government? What are the limitations of government and why is that important? Why don't we have these discussions or learn this at my high school, college or church? Why aren't the news media channels talking about these topics if they are so important?

It is time to get public and STAY public. The Revolution of a free people is the education of the people. We must stop allowing the corporate fake media to define us. They were wrong then about us and they are wrong now.

Suggestion of a social activity should include: Posting an interactive questionnaire on social media that include a simple question to answer based on multiple choice answers. A different question should be posted every week and continued each week for 3 months. Each answer is categorized into a governmental structure which allows the user to see the government he or she fit into based on their answer. A graphic bar that measures how free a people we really are verses the freedom we support. The freedom questionnaire should live on social media long enough to get people interested in learning why we are where we are and how to structure a freedom movement and most importantly a representative government that will live on into the lives of our great grandchildren.

The coming generation of people should know by rote why we are free and what prevents us from freedom without having to look to get answers from a corrupted source who have been actively partnering with those who want a freedom revolution to fail for their own gain.

11-25-2016, 02:58 PM
The coming generation of people should know by wrote rote why we are free...
fixed that for you.