View Full Version : Planned P CEO Issues Email After Clinton Defeat, “We’re Devastated and Angry

11-12-2016, 01:49 PM


The Planned Parenthood abortion business this morning issued a desperate email to abortion advocates that support it following last night’s surprise defeat of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The abortion company was forced to tell its supporters that it plans to stay open and will not be closing down as long as they continue providing financial support for it.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards admitted that the abortion giant has devastated and angry after last night’s surprise election. She said she would understand it if abortion advocates wanted to just stay in bed today and ignore the reality of their massive defeat. Here are excerpts from her email:

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

Let’s get all these words out of the way: Devastated. Angry. Heartbroken. Outraged. Shocked. Sad. Disgusted. Ashamed. Discouraged. Exhausted. Shattered.

And now four more words — the most important ones:

These. Doors. Stay. Open.

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11-12-2016, 02:00 PM
You'd think they'd get all of their anger out while killing millions of infants, guess not.

John F Kennedy III
11-12-2016, 02:03 PM
I'm confused. Now they want Planned Parenthood to be defunded?

11-12-2016, 09:20 PM
I'm confused. Now they want Planned Parenthood to be defunded?

They are expecting it to. On election night they had people on the twitters pushing for donations.

11-12-2016, 09:24 PM
Well, aborting your voter base for last 40 years maybe not good election strategy.

Superfluous Man
11-12-2016, 09:28 PM
Looks like a fund raising letter.

Same kind of melodrama I used to see in letters from the politicians I supported (won't name the names, but, yeah, the good guys), back when I bothered reading them.

In reality, the PP CEO has nothing to worry about, and probably knows it.

Superfluous Man
11-12-2016, 09:29 PM
I'm confused. Now they want Planned Parenthood to be defunded?

No. That line was from the copy and paste. It wasn't part of PP's letter. Click the link and you'll see how it happened.