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11-10-2016, 08:03 AM

Libertarians need to face reality. They are trying to save people from a world that they are
actually fine with. Sure some people may complain about how their government works on one
or two issues or hope that their candidate of choice will be the one that will fix those minor
problems that they see with things today. But libertarians who actually “get it” see the
possibilities that come from a better future where governments aren’t running every little part
of our lives. Today’s governments are “good enough” for most people. This message is not for
them. They can still live in their system and be perfectly content with tinkering around the
edges and believing that they may have some minor impact upon how things move forward.

To change the minds of the masses is a futile struggle as the effort required to awaken one
person is significant and doesn’t scale to all.

This message is for those of us that understand that taxation is theft, that roads will not
suddenly disappear without government, that wars are not fought to defend our “freedoms”,
and that the idea that “if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about”
when taking away our privacy is not even close to being an excuse. This message goes to
those that understand that government is force, our fiat currency is manipulated to favor those
in power, that centralization of power only leads to the centralization of corruption, that the
current system is broken and that liberty is but a footnote in the thoughts of anyone with any

Most libertarians spend their lives working hard to help bring liberty to those that don’t want
liberty. At least their actions demonstrate that it is not very important to them. The fact that the
“land of the free” is deciding between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should be proof
enough to anyone that liberty has been phased out and may be something talked about in
fairy tales one day if allowed to do so by our future governments. Our time wasted trying to
help others could have been spent enhancing and improving liberty in our own lives yet we
fought tirelessly, we sacrificed, we put in countless hours hoping that we could make a
difference in our communities. It is time we focus on ourselves and actually work toward our
own freedom now instead of hoping for some future far off reality that those around us likely
don’t even want or are actively working against. It is time to be free.

What we are proposing will not be easy. It will not be immediate and there will be a learning
process, but it is something we can do together and it is something that is actually possible
with accomplishments at every step of the way. But hopefully in the end we can enjoy the
liberty that we seek.

The Marinea project is a project of liberty, and it is a step towards the eventual goal of liberty
for all. What we propose is leaving behind those that are perfectly content with big
government. Shrugging off the harsh reality that every bit of land on Earth is controlled by a
government that is slowly moving toward more and more centralized corruption. If they control
all of the land, we will move to the 70% of the world that is not controlled by any government.

Like so many sailors, boaters and water lovers who have done so before, we will move to the
sea and build our new world there.

The end goal for the Marinea project is a large floating community in a wave protected
sanctuary in a temperate climate with open trade and cooperation with all, thriving as
progress allows us to move forward instead of getting dragged down by those that would
rather admit to failure before even trying.

While our end goal is very broad, the ultimate results lie in those that are actually involved in
making it happen. Everyone will play their part and have their efforts bear fruit toward liberty
as opposed to being wasted on people that would hope that we would all just go into the
ocean and never return.

Our initial proposal is to make something happen now. We are not just about talk; we want to
get on the sea now and have verifiable immediate results.

Our research has given us an initial
structure to begin our R&D and get our feet wet by having a small community of 30 to 50
people living on a floating structure that has living quarters, offices, restaurants, retail, utilities
and the basics of starting off on our journey toward learning what life will be like for this new
venture. We will also be taking baby steps when it comes to the most obvious question
everyone has – “what about the huge waves?!?” Our initial location will likely be in a well
protected area of the Caribbean in around 10 feet of water surrounded by uninhabited islands
with an average yearly wave height of 2 feet. This does mean that we will still be under the
limited laws of a country with no income taxes and very few laws. But it will be a step in
the right direction as we learn and grow as a community to reach our end goal.

From there, we will learn our lessons, and this paper will be re-written by those with the
knowledge to determine the next steps, whether it is a giant leap to our community in
international waters or a larger platform or many small platforms, it is not our place to decide
that right here and now. The most important thing to do is to point in the right direction and
take that first step.

The initial structure will require funds of $15 million to have it ready for initial Mariners to live
on. While we are currently working on large investors, donors or promoters, we would rather it
be a community effort with funds coming from many activists and supporters who want to get
involved and be part of moving liberty forward right now.

As such, we have set up a way for
individuals to become a member for a minimum of $100 for the purchase of one SeaNote.
Every SeaNote gives you access to our updates, monthly magazine, discounts for any future
visit to Marinea on things such as hotel rooms, restaurants, products, etc. as well as being
able to trade that SeaNote in for citizenship once we have established our future community.

We will only be making 150,000 SeaNotes available and will be setting up an exchange to
trade your SeaNotes on the open market on a decentralized crypto-token market.

Whatever the outcome of our funding drive, we are dedicated and hope you join us in moving
forward toward actually making something happen and taking steps toward liberty that we can
all follow. Our energies need be no longer wasted on those that do not care nor deserve any
more of our productivity. It is time to focus on bringing liberty to each other so that we may all
thrive and move forward together and leave those that do not share our vision to their own
paths in life.

You can join us in this journey to freedom at http://marinea.org/join/