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11-04-2016, 08:42 AM
I think some of you guys might really like having the opportunity to help this fellow patriot:

The Time Is Here.

Dear RPFers,

This is the last chance to help our shared cause.

My name is Anthony Bouchard and I am the constitutional conservative Republican nominee for State Senate District 6.

As you may have read, our campaign has been targeted for defeat by left-wing radicals who are determined to silence our pro-liberty, pro-2nd Amendment values.

I'm writing you so urgently because this is the last week of the campaign and I just came from the post office with critical news...

In order to trick voters, I saw that my opponent has just mailed a last minute hit piece to defame our values and defeat our campaign.

Will you please help me right away, today, so that I can counter these last minute false attacks and advance our values in the State Senate??

Please go here to donate for our grassroots campaign. (http://anthonybouchard.com/contribute/)

With the Democrat party bosses and the liberal special interests throwing their full support to my out-of-touch opponent, I need your help right away today so we can defeat the these political insiders who are responsible for the mess in state government.

My opponent, Kym Zwonitzer, deceived voters to petition her way on the ballot as an "Independent" because her husband, Dave Zwonitzer, was defeated by genuine Republicans in Senate District 6.

Her tactics are the exact same tactics that both her husband and her son used to win separate seats in the Wyoming State House. But once genuine conservative Republicans like us learn the truth about the Zwontizer's agenda, they voted out their patriarch.

The facts are that my opponent has worked to advocate for a United Nation's extremist agenda to push for more gun control around the world and for more dangerous open border immigration policies.

She's even backed by the pro-Hillary Clinton labor union bosses from the AFL-CIO and the WEA.

Here’s where our campaign stands right now...

...last minute mailings, radio ads and crucial Get Out The Vote programs will be off the table – without your generous support today.

Would you please generously donate to my campaign today so we can prevent their smear campaign from succeeding? Perhaps $300 or more. Maybe you can only afford $20 or $10 at this time. (http://anthonybouchard.com/contribute/)

What ever the amount please help me right away because time is running out and this is our last chance to help make sure our values win on November 8th.

Whatever you are able to do, it will help keep my conservative message in front of the voters in the most crucial days before Nov 8th.

The entire State is watching my race. Help me claim a Victory for You.

Thank You in advance.


Anthony Bouchard (R)
Republican for SD 6

P.S. Over the years I have fought hard for our pro-liberty, pro-2nd Amendment values as a volunteer grassroots activist. That's why I am asking you to help me today because our values are too important not to do all we can before the election in just 7 days.

Now I need you to please stand with me by clicking here (http://anthonybouchard.com/contribute/).

Thank you and God bless you.


He really has fought very hard and very effectively over the years as the one-man-wrecking-ball that is the Wyoming Gun Owners' Association. And with a very small budget. He pulls no punches, he's hard core, he's one of us. He has taken the fight for liberty directly to the legislators, has gotten up right in their faces, and has publicly condemned and destroyed the ones who betray our liberties and gun rights.

11-14-2016, 03:38 PM
Don't know if any of you chipped in, but if you did, thanks. And guess what:

He won!


You don't detect any possible bias in that ridiculously titled article, do you? :D