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12-09-2007, 01:37 AM
Hello AGAIN from sunny California (and now Texas too),

Thank you for your support with the historic "Letters to Iowa" campaign.
We are in the home stretch now, with just 10 days to complete letter writing to the 700,000 no-party Iowa voters. Your support has gotten us THIS far, but the job is not finished yet.

There are still around 200,000 Iowans on the list who we need to write to, approximately the same number of commitments we obtained in the FIRST ten days of this campaign.

I'm asking now that you redouble your efforts to win Iowa for Dr Paul. In the remaining 10 days before the deadline, if you or your Meetup Group organizer can throw at least one 'letter writing party', the remaining no-party Iowa voters will be covered. These letters or postcards must be in the mail by December 18th to make a difference.

The LA meetup got through 1,500 of these short letters in one two-hour sitting last Monday, while listening to our organizers make announcements. This was accomplished by organizers giving everyone at the meeting just ONE SINGLE SHEET of labels and postage, with particularly energetic members writing more. Again, WE CAN DO THIS.

Something else we are suggesting at this late date is to make COLOR copies of your first handwritten letter. This seems to produce the desired effect and gets the point across.

The 'Letters to Iowa' team have developed a way of distributing the names and addresses of no-party Iowans via our new website:


Please go to that page, click "Request Now", follow the simple instructions and you will be sent your list of names.

As always feel free to write me at:

bshonka -at- gmail dot com

with any questions.

Without you all, this would not be possible! The nation and even the world thank you for your efforts as reflected by the thousands of supportive responses we have received.

The rEVOLution continues!

for true liberty,

Bryce Shonka, Ron Shimshock, John Hogan, Justin Garten, Paul Grasshoff and Eric Turner
The Ron Paul "Letters to Iowa" Team

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