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10-10-2016, 04:29 AM

Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mitt Romney, other Republican officials, and all other Republicans out there,
Donald Trump is a disaster and it is not practical to expect him to be able to give Hillary Clinton a strong challenge on Election Day. Even if he could, he is not someone you want representing your party. Nor is it practical, this late in the game, to expect that Mike Pence could put forth a credible challenge to Hillary Clinton at the top of the GOP ticket. Trump's name cannot be removed from the ballots, as the ballots have already been prepared.
Instead, endorse the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Many of you, such as Mr. Schwarzenegger and Mr. Romney, have already publicly observed that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Weld deserved to be in the first three debates.
It is indeed credible for you to say that despite their running for a different party, Johnson and Weld represent the values you hold dear -- constitutional republican government, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty. Each of them served two terms as a Republican governor in mostly-Democrat states, and each was re-elected by a margin that was larger than when he was first elected. They have proven records.
Although the bylaws of the Republican National Committee expressly prohibit the RNC, as an organization, from endorsing candidates from outside of the Republican Party, such bylaws are not binding on individuals themselves, such as U.S. Rep. Scott Rigel (R-VA) and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Individuals can endorse whomever they want.
The media, alarmed by Mr. Trump and heavily biased in favor of a Clinton victory, have written misleading headlines to try to make Johnson-Weld look bad. The unflattering depictions have been petty and, more pertinent to the present crisis, whatever stumbles Johnson-Weld may have gone through are minor in comparison to the deeply disturbing failures -- both moral and strategic -- of the Trump ticket.
To save face, the GOP has no recourse but to endorse former Republican governors Johnson and Weld. Announce that you will be voting for them and, when you are polled prior to the final debate, inform whoever is taking the poll that your top voting choice is Johnson-Weld.

10-10-2016, 11:17 AM
I'm not getting same impression, but don't pay too much attention to corporate MSM claims. From feedback I've seen so far, Hillary Clinton is a bigger disaster than Trump and media is engaging in diversion tactics to keep public's attention elsewhere.

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