View Full Version : The Progression Of Rebellion: How To Do It

09-29-2016, 07:37 AM
We have been discussing the path to liberty. These discussions invariably avoid rebellion. I understand the concerns of the site owners regarding this topic, but it is my belief that it should nonetheless be discussed and planned. It can be done in a way that does not come off as advocation for armed insurrection, even if it refers to it.

Rebellion is not a discrete deal, which is to suggest that there is a continuum along which it develops on the path toward insurrection, presumably with the hope that the objectives can be attained prior to resorting to the cartridge box.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but at this juncture I see little hope that we who desire the full exercise of our inherent freedoms and the claims thereto will see it come to pass in our lifetimes without open and vigorous rebellion. To that end, it is my estimation that having a roadmap for properly rebelling against Themme would be a good idea. If it please the membership, a discussion of the progression from awakening to the rifle is in good order, their contributions a welcome addition to the general knowledge of how to handle this most dire situation in which we find ourselves.

With this in mind, and assuming that a reliance on voting and such will not produce the desired outcomes, what do we feel would be the progression of escalation?

I suppose the first question might be something along the lines of "what is the first step down the path of rebellion?" We've already trodden the path TO it, the only choice before us at this point being whether to step on to it, or lay down and hope Theye will be gentle.

If you were to choose rebelliousness, what would your first step be?

Mine have been small affairs. Firstly, running my yap in advocacy of freedom at every opportunity, whether online or in the flesh, I bring the message of liberty to as many people as I am able. I did it during my short tenure at WTSQ here in Charleston, which is what got me shit-canned. The millennial candy-asses running the station felt I was offending the people of CRW because I spoke of respect and responsibility.

Secondly, I carry my sidearm everywhere that will not get me shot or tossed in the hoosegow. When I am at a place where I cannot have it, I wear a empty holster. This has gotten me a set of handcuffs in the past, but I have not desisted in the practice, may the police of the NY/NJ Port Authority rot in hell.

Thirdly, I steadfastly refuse to cooperate or otherwise involve myself with police and their activities

Fourthly, I have been contemplating a t-shirt that says nothing but "2A" on it. Opinions?

I will keep a running list - a roadmap if you will - of the pathway.