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Thomas Key
09-25-2016, 12:15 PM
Hello, this is what I do each 2 year Congressional election cycle - to educate and inform the public of their options - I started this 4 years ago.

LibertarianProgressive.com is an independent media organization we interview independent and 3rd party candidates who are on the ballot (Green Party, independents, Libertarians, No Party Affiliation and other parties). We interview candidates who are the ONLY independent or third party option in their district/area etc.

We have 21 interviews so far – and will have 23 by the end of today – check them out – & throw them (incumbent Congress) all out!!!!!

The Truth about Consensus – What You’re Not Being Told :

Uploaded 2016 Candidate Interviews :

I believe if a candidate has gathered enough signatures to be on the ballot and has a statistical chance to win then a responsible media will include them in the debates and interview them, to educate and inform the public of their options.

Our goal is to interview 50+ candidates & reach a large audience. We are not telling people who to vote for, rather, we are asking questions and presenting news about options, endorsing a more fair system.

The reason for the goal of 50+ interviews, of independent and 3rd party candidates on the ballot, every 2 year (US House) election season is – 50 represents one for each state.

Imagine if, We the People, elected even one independent or third party representative to Congress – in each of the 50 states. If that goal is seen as a national movement, perhaps it might make it easier for independent and third party candidates – they could ~ ride the wave.

There are 435 members in the US House of Representatives, elected every 2 years – it was designed that way on purpose, to be the least resistant, most peaceful and quickest path to reform, in our democratically elected Republic.

Talking with people regarding Congress is a lot less divisive then Presidential politics.

There are about 324 million people in the USA.

There are about 219 million people eligible to vote and about 146 million registered to vote.

42% are independent
29% are Democrats
26% are Republicans
<1% are special interests
Who has the most influence do you think?

If there were 10 issues important to you, and 5 issues had popular consensus and 5 didn't, which 5 would you prioritize first?

LibertarianProgressive is advocating uniting and winning, instead of being divided & conquered.

There will be plenty of time to argue on things that we disagree about AFTER we pass legislation regarding important things we agree upon :

1. Accountability & Transparency reforms, freedom of information, integrity safeguards, auditing our government.

2. Civil Liberties, NSA privacy & spying, preserving the Bill of Rights, due process.

3. Corporate Cronyism, Lobbyists, no bid contracts, bailouts, the revolving door.

4. Military Spending, mission creep, regime change foreign policy, Congressional approval & oversight.

5. Ending the Drug War, reform the justice system, asset forfeiture, demilitarization of police, private prisons, mandatory minimums, quotas, racial profiling, industrial hemp.

6. Election reform, open primaries, Election Day holiday, fair debates, rank or score voting, none of the above option, paper trail.

7. Fair and Free Trade.

8. Promoting an environment of growth and opportunity, less regulation and more competition for small and mid-sized businesses.

. . . If 50 independent and third party candidates are elected to the House of Representatives that would shatter the status quo & the “in the box” paradigm, it will open the flood gates to positive change – and it is the easiest most peaceful way to do it. We might start with 10 this year then build to 25 in 2 years and so on however let us deserve with our efforts to have 50+

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