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H. E. Panqui
09-08-2016, 05:32 AM

"...We are required to unquestioningly praise the U.S. Military for keeping us free, and protecting us from the villains du jour, in spite of the fact that it is really nothing more than a band of merciless mercenaries, hired by Wall Street to rob, rape, and pillage the resources of other countries. Amerika is in the business of war…nay, is dedicated, heart and soul, to the manufacture, sale, and use of Weapons of Mass Destruction. People who take the pledge and sell themselves to the Military become simply part of the most ferocious and violent killing machine in history. We shower them with thanks for their service, when we should, instead, forgive them, for they know not what they do. It’s never as it seems, Bubba.
We are required to love the Ameikan system they call “Justice”. To embrace the police who shoot or arrest the outlaws, to be thankful for the prison guards who isolate, taunt, and abuse them, to honor the laws that incarcerate them. This, in spite of the fact that police forces were originally created to hunt down runaway slaves, which they are still doing. This, in spite of the fact that people who make billions operating prisons for profit also write the draconic laws, which are responsible for Amerika’s mass-incarceration, which they pen and deliver to our elected officials along with the obligatory bribes. All this, in spite of the fact that the U.S.A…land of the free…has 5% of earth’s population and 25% of its prisoners. Freedom isn’t free. Only the wealthy are semi-immune to incarceration. It’s never as it seems, Bubba. You’re just a commodity. Remember?
We are required, as Amerikans, to participate in the sorry, silly circuses called “elections”. We are given a choice between two candidates, both of whom work for our owners, and are committed to carrying out the official, secret agenda. We are told that these politicians are our representatives, and are looking out for our best interests. No one outside the two approved parties is allowed an actual chance to participate in government. Elections are just selections, and the outcomes have been pre-determined by our owners. The results are manufactured by the media, and insured by easily-rigged electronic voting machines. There is nobody out there to represent you, Bubba. Democracy is a scam. It’s never as it seems...."

09-08-2016, 07:01 AM