View Full Version : Lily Tang Williams makes first Colorado US Senate prime time debate

09-07-2016, 02:43 AM
Is anybody involved in her campaign? Does she have a good team surrounding her? Any endorsements? I'm down to donate if she does well in the debate.


Colorado’s U.S. Senate race begins in earnest this week with a major surprise: The Libertarian candidate will participate in the first debate.

Lily Tang Williams will join Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican Darryl Glenn at the Club 20 debate Saturday in Grand Junction — a significant opportunity to boost the Libertarian Party’s exposure in Colorado in a year in which voters are looking for alternatives to the major party candidates at the top of the ticket.

The 52-year-old small businesswoman and Chinese immigrant is the first third-party candidate in recent memory to qualify for a major U.S. Senate debate in Colorado, said Libertarian Chairman Jay North.

“I’m going to tell people that I offer a real third option,” Williams said in an interview. “The two-party duopoly in our country has not worked well.”

Williams qualified for the debate after new figures released Tuesday showed the Libertarian Party reached 1 percent of registered voters in Colorado — the threshold to participate in the Club 20 debate, which serves as unofficial kickoff of the fall campaign.

09-07-2016, 05:17 AM