View Full Version : Article: "Remember the Time I Met Ron Paul? Reflection on YALCon 2016"

08-11-2016, 09:28 AM
Liberty, this small little word is one that I believe is of the cornerstones of human existence. This word has caused great wars like the American Revolution to commence and it has caused intellectual arguments from thinkers like F.A. Hayek to Ayn Rand. To me, this simple word is the reason why I wake up every morning. I know that I can make a difference that may affect those around me who are suffering from the lack of this little word.

Often times, I spend my days feeling discouraged by the environment that I see our country slowly slipping into. However, after these four days spent at the Young Americans for Liberty National Conference, I cannot help but smile. Yes, I may have about six blisters scattered on my toes causing me pain. I may have only slept around five hours each night. Assurance from the events that have transpired, I know that I will #BeTheNext.

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