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07-29-2016, 04:03 PM
First time poster, so I hope I'm posting this in a reasonable place.
I wanted to come here to get feedback on a project (http://RoguesMedallion.wordpress.com) I've been working on because I feel like many Ron Paul supporters would be sympathetic to the idea of the project.
Basically the idea is to have interested people engage in certain direct actions on a personal level that would incrementally advance the cause of liberty by reducing the power of those who seek to quash liberty.
So the idea is that once someone achieves one of the objectives, they copy a graphical 'Medallion' to their social media feeds, timelines, and profiles, along with some explanation of what they've done, which publicizes the idea to other people as something that other people could replicate.

As an example, getting someone to think through the decision to buy/invest in/use precious metals.
Since most people (present company excluded) have probably never thought to buy any gold or silver, the bronze "Medallion' would be self-awarded to someone who goes out and buys a gold or silver coin (there's a separate medallion for bitcoin). It forces them to figure out where to buy a coin and what to do with it when they've done so, and doesn't require the purchase of a specific amount.
The silver 'Medallion' would require them to spend some gold/silver, that is to use it as an actual form of money.
The Gold 'Medallion' would require them to allocate some portion of their investment portfolios to gold and silver.

The project is voluntary, so someone can choose to participate as little or as much as they want.

There are several different subject areas with projects, money/gold/silver/btc, debt reduction, Mortgage elimination, FOIA, Food, Mainstream Media, 3rd Party/Independent politics. There are a few other areas I'm considering for the future, but these are the groups for now.

Anyway, that's the idea for the project.
The website that I've set up is at RoguesMedallion.wordpress.com

Thanks for reading.