View Full Version : Reaching out to Bernie supporters. Cancelling each other's votes with the buddy system

07-25-2016, 07:59 PM
I always hear a vote for the Libertarian Party is a vote for Hillary, or a vote for the Green Party is a vote for Trump.

A good national campaign could be the buddy system. Have a website that matches a Libertarian with a Green Party person and they both pledge to vote 3rd party. That way they both cancel each others vote. The Libertarian pledges NOT to vote republican and the Green pledges NOT to vote for the democrat. That way the people don't feel their vote is "wasted."

It may seem cheesy. I personally am very cynical about voting, but just getting people to forget about the two establishment parties is a good thing. Even if I disagree with the Greens, I tend to respect them more than I do Republicans and Democrats.

I'm good at writing for stuff like that. If anyone is interested in doing the technical work I'd be willing to work together to get something for 2020. Ron Paul tried reaching out to the other third parties in '08. I still think that was a very good idea. They all acknowledge something is very wrong.