View Full Version : Can we get a link to Operation Front Door on the Tea Party newsletter?

12-08-2007, 07:08 AM
Trevor can we get a link to Operation Front Door on the Tea Party News letter? (can someone forward this to Trevor?)

Something like this:

On December 15th Operation Front Door will kick off.
December 15th we will have a National Sign Wave.
December 16th is the Ron Paul Tea Party ( TeaParty07.com ).
December 17th through the 23rd we ask ALL Meetup groups and members to perform Door-to-Door Canvassing in every state across the country. Following the Tea Party on December 16th there will be a lot of media coverage for Ron Paul. (Picture this: People are sitting at home watching the evening news and see the headlines "Ron Paul breaks more fund raising records" when all of a sudden *knock-knock* It's a Ron Paul supporter at their door offering them information about Ron Paul!) Knocking on every possible door in the country during this week we will show how powerful our grassroots campaign is.


Email the number of flyers you will be pledging to hand out to RonPaulNH@hotmail.com

Thank You.