View Full Version : David Brooks: Immigration levels have led to inward-looking Trump nationalism having free rein

06-28-2016, 01:34 AM

BROOKS: I'm as pro-immigration as the day is long, but we've asked a lot of people who are suffering in this economy to accept extremely radically high immigration levels, and we've probably over-flooded the system. And, so, while it's easy, and I do condemn the vote to get out, a little humility is in order on the part of the establishment, frankly, that we've flooded the system with more than it can handle, and, secondly, we've not provided a good nationalism -- RUSH: Whoa.
BROOKS: -- a good patriotism that is cosmopolitan, that is outward-spanning and that is confident and therefore a bad form of parochial inward-looking Trump nationalism has had free rein.