View Full Version : Punk Kids Who Got Shot At Subway By Ex-Marine Deserved It!

06-30-2007, 12:50 AM
This is a classic example of why we need to repeal ALL gun laws. The police cannot protect you, they only show up after the fact. A well armed Citizenry increases safety for everyone.

On June 27, 2007, 22 year old punk kid Donicio Arrindell, and 21 year old punk kid Fredrick Gadson were shot by 71 year old ex-Marine John Lovell. The demanded cash from the register from a Subway resturant in Plantation Florida. The then tried to force Lovell into a restroom and rob him. Lovell shot Arrindell in the head and he later died in the hospital. The other punk kid Gadson was shot in the chest and fled. He was later captured by police.

The great thing is that Lovell was not charged by police, because he did the right thing. In a free society, you are free to do all that you choose, except trespass on the life and property of another against their will. Lovell had a valid concealed weapon permit at the time of the incident.

Arrindell’s stupid mother says that Lovell should not have “taken the law into his own hands”. Maybe the stupid mother should have taught her little punk thug kid not to go around holding up restaurants. Teach your kids to do right, and this will not happen.

We need to repeal ALL gun laws. In the first place, only Law abiding folks like Lovell pay any attention to gun laws. Criminals pay attention to ANY law. If folks would have had concealed weapons on the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center, we would have prevented a major tragedy. In states with few guns laws and a well armed citizenry, crime is ALWAYS much lower.

John Lovell is a real American Patriot. Whenever things like this happen, it will always come up in the mind of the next prospective robber. They will wonder whether they will be shot too, and be less likely to commit the crime.

SOURCE: http://www.freecentury.com/2007/06/30/punk-kids-who-got-shot-at-subway-by-ex-marine-deserved-it/

06-30-2007, 06:55 AM
Yea, I agree. We should legalize dueling too... all the hotheads would naturally select their way out in a big hurry.