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12-07-2007, 01:33 PM
Ok folks, I've finally gotten my site to the point where I can open it up to users.

It's still in its infancy, but here's the goal of the site:

Let's say you have the precinct and contact information for someone who has told you they support Ron Paul. You can hope that they go vote, you might even write their information down hoping to remember to call them before their election. You might hope that they join a meetup group in their area, or that the meetup group in their area helps to make sure they get to the polls.

What if you could just enter their contact information and precinct into a database and someone in that precinct, who has signed up, could take it from there? And when you sign up you will also get the contact information for all of the Ron Paul supporters in your area.

You can get signs to people who need signs, call on them for various local events, etc.

Or just use it as a canvassing tool. You go out and find all of these Ron Paul supporters...here's a place all set up for you to organize your contacts.

Like I said, it's still in its infancy. I have it set up so you can enter your information as well as any ron paul supporters. I want to expand it to show level of support, needs for yard signs, rides to the polls, phone call on election day, registration status, delegate etc. I don't yet have the "hand off" function set up for handing off your contact list to the right precinct.

I would also like suggestions from people who would like to use this tool.

Why did I put this site together? I live in Texas. My mother lives in Indiana. During our phone conversations she's mentioned that she will vote for Ron Paul. She says she hasn't seen much support locally for him. If I were in her town I'd have a sign for her front lawn (a VERY busy street), I'd make sure she's registered, I'd call her the day before her election and on election day to make sure she gos and votes (I probably still will call). All of this would be so easy for someone in her precinct. I figure other people across the country may have a similar situation.

We can't let these voters slip away.

Check out the site:


12-13-2007, 01:50 PM
I can't get your canvassing site to work. It's giving me a timed-out error when I try to log it. Maybe the code doesn't take into account different time zones from the server time?

We're polishing up a canvassing mapping/tracking tool that might be useful to you.

We hope to get maps like this done for all the states: http://www.paulpatriots.com/ca-map.php

Could you link to us?

I'm looking for somewhere good to link to that helps people share registered voter lists.