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12-07-2007, 12:07 PM
This is a litte personal flyer I am enclosing with my handwritten intro letter- any feedback?

Illegal Immigration- This is the issue that first brought me to Ron Paul. Ron Paul wants to secure our borders and end birthright citizenship. It boggles my mind that we go overseas to enforce borders in other countries, yet our own borders are virtually non-existent. How do we expect to remain a sovereign nation without enforcing our borders? As for those that are here- it is completely unfair to reward law breakers with instant citizenship. Additionally it was not the original intent to grant instant citizenship to those born to someone who illegally crosses the border. I welcome all legal immigrants to our country.

Economy- Ron Paul wants to stop the free-fall of the dollar by decreasing the outrageous spending of our federal government and legalizing competing private currency. He also opposes the Federal Reserve and its central economic planning. Another aspect of this that really gets to me is the Ďinflation taxí. I had never heard of this before Ron Paul, and now that I understand it I am really angry. I am a saver and work hard to put a nest egg together for my family. We go without luxuries to ensure that we can take care of ourselves in the event of a downturn. Inflation is simply the government printing more money to cover their spending. When they add this new money to the current supply the existing money instantly becomes worth less. They are stealing right out of my savings account. This has to stop! Our nation is dangerously in debt to China, and I hear no other candidates even addressing this issue. Ron Paul is the only one that has a path out of our current quagmire of monetary policy and central economic planning. I had no idea about these issues until I started doing research on this.

Iraq War and Overseas Intervention- This issue ties right into the economy. The United Statesí current foreign policy of meddling with every perceived threat and acting on UN resolutions has got to stop. Our country has basically become an overseas empire. Did you know that we have over 700 military bases in over 130 countries? Why? Talk about a monthly bill. The estimates on the cost of the war in Iraq are astronomical. We just canít afford it. If we continue in this direction our country is going to face very serious financial consequences. The United Statesí debt is overwhelming and a very scary aspect of this it that a huge portion of that debt is to China.

Taxes- Abolish the IRS and replace it with NOTHING. I hate how we are afraid of our government. It should be the opposite. It takes the average American about a quarter of their yearly wages to pay the IRS. If you donít pay it you risk losing everything and going to jail. You are essentially a forced laborer for your government. I donít think anyone could argue that the tax code is a mess. It is basically a way to steal from one American to give to another.

Civil Rights- I never really gave civil rights much thought until after 9/11. I used to love to go the airport and fly. Now I avoid it if at all possible. Passing checkpoints and showing your Ďpapersí seems too much like a bad movie for me. The possibility of the government spying on me always seemed so remote- but the fact that they could if they wanted is a little unnerving. The real scary parts of this are the Executive Orders passed by this administration and the loss of Habeas Corpus. Ron Paul would repeal those Executive Orders and restore Habeas Corpus.

2nd Amendment- The constitution very clear on this one. You have a right to keep and bear arms. Not just to go hunting or target shooting, but to protect yourself from a tyrannical government. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina comes to mind. Have you seen the way that law-abiding citizens were treated? They were forced to give up their guns they were using legally to protect themselves. It was unreal. Ron Paul has never and will never support federal restriction on gun ownership.