View Full Version : A thought about potential media buys in SC

12-07-2007, 08:59 AM
Since I just lurk on these boards I am going to preface by saying I grew up in South Carolina (left a few years ago for work) and was a casual member of the Libertarian Party there (worked a few fairs, went to some meetings, voted Libertarian) and of course support Ron Paul.

I see that PACs and the campaign are doing state specific media buys in other state like Iowa and NH, and I think there is a specific way to tailor the message for SC to get maximum votes.

State's rights 10th amendment stuff. (I will give my reason below)

As I envision something like this...it starts with the text and reading of the 10th amendment, then puts up words like education, abortion, (and if you weren't squeamish) the confederate battle flag (have to have the battle in there). Then say something to the extent of the "federal government has taken the power to make decision on these important issues from the States. Ron Paul believes South Carolinians should make decisions about these subject for South Carolina, not people sitting in Washington. Vote Ron Paul." The add would have to have the SC flag (white palmetto tree and crescent moon on an inigo field) prominently displayed

South Carolinians are diehard States Righters. (More so than other Southern states). More South Carolina state flags fly on homes, are stickers on cars, are embroidered on clothes than all the other states combined. And the flag flies more than the American flag as well. My English friend once commented that if she didn't know better she would think she was in a different country.

I have had discussions on many occasions with friends and acquaintances (repbs, dems, rich, poor) who live out of state about what they would do if SC seceded again. (I bet most of you have never had that conversation) They all said, and I have said, that they would immediately move home. I could go on but I think I have made my point.

Don't get me wrong South Carolinians love the USA, its just that they love South Carolina more.