View Full Version : No Republican challenger for Massie in 2016

01-30-2016, 10:44 PM
According to FreedomWorks, the deadline has passed and no Republicans have filed, which is good news.


Massie will have a challenger from the Democrat side however. It was reported this week (http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/local/kentoncounty/2016/01/26/tuesday-filings-set-nky-legislative-races/79367694/) that Calvin Sidle of Highland Heights has filed but I'm not sure if there are any other Democrats running. Does anyone know?

Indy Vidual
01-30-2016, 10:48 PM
Great news :)

Matt Collins
01-31-2016, 02:09 AM
Yeah, Trey Grayson was lining up to challenge him, but once Thomas stepped up his game and started to get the PR machine going in his favor, I guess the establishment realized it was a futile effort.