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12-07-2007, 08:07 AM
Hey Bradely, how are those signatures coming along in DC. Do you have any update?

12-07-2007, 08:34 AM
100+ signatures short. And it sounded months ago that Bradley had it taken care of, then the campaign got involved. :(


"Paul Sets Sights on Conquering District’s Ballot Threshold
By Emily Cadei, CQ Staff
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul may be able to raise record amounts of money online, but his dark-horse campaign is struggling to muster the 300 signatures he needs to get on the primary ballot in the District of Columbia.

In an e-mail message to supporters earlier this week, the Texas congressman wrote that his campaign had only 106 signatures. Calling the situation urgent, he beseeched local backers “to work together for one final push” before the Dec. 11 qualifying deadline.

His plea for help seemed a bit strange for a campaign that has startled the political establishment with its rabid band of supporters and tremendous online fundraising success. In one 24-hour period last month, the Paul campaign raised more than $4 million over the Internet.

But raising money and making headway in early primary states may prove to be an easier challenge than finding enough supportive Republicans in the liberal Democratic stronghold of the District.

According to a September survey by the District’s Board of Elections and Ethics, only 7.7 percent of the city’s voters are registered Republicans.

Still, the Paul campaign is brimming with can-do optimism. “We expect to have no problem,” said Darla Maloney, Paul’s D.C. ballot access coordinator.

The ballot campaign, Maloney said Thursday evening, is now up to 178 signatures and counting."