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12-07-2007, 07:54 AM
Our strategy for the New Hampshire primary is to use Mobile Billboard Truck displays. The plan is to use the mobile display trucks during the week before Christmas and the days before the primary. We envision a brigade of grassroots Ron Paul supporters following the truck routes and using the attention of the truck to inform people on the ground. Several grassroots supporters are in New Hampshire currently and will be traveling there for the primary. The mobile truck will be a perfect tool they could use to help maximize their efforts reaching the public. We could also park the truck and stage rallies for more attention. We would have the truck for a 12 day period and it will be driven at least 10 hours a day on routes we select. In NH the most populated area is Manchester so that's where our focus will be. Our driver is very familiar with this area so we will have great coverage from the neighborhoods to downtown. The truck can also be parked overnight and illuminated in a chosen location for more exposure. The mobile billboard display on the truck measures 10x20 feet and is comprised of high quality vinyl that can be front or back lit for night use. The truck has GPS capability for tracking and also a short range PA system. The PA works with local FM channels so that when you tune to a specific frequency you can hear the message that we have recorded. Due to the size of NH and the fact it's mostly a rural area, using outdoor billboards would not have reached enough people compared to the mobile truck. It also enables more flexibility to coordinate efforts with the supporters on the ground and increases visibility for the public and the media. The negotiated price is $6,000 to rent the truck for 12 days, which is a discount of 25% of the normal rate to produce and operate.

Join us in this effort and lets make history in New Hampshire!

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