View Full Version : Helium Balloons for Tea Party?

12-07-2007, 04:15 AM
I thought it would be cool to have helium balloons that say "Ron Paul" or "Ron Paul rEVOLution" on them. it would go well with the blimp. also, kids love balloons, and the image of a kid with a balloon is a very powerful image that evokes many positive emotions. A good picture of a kid with a ron paul balloon at the tea party could be priceless.

it would probably be too expensive and impractical to get balloons shaped like the ron paul blimp... but maybe in the future. but i think it is realistic to order a bunch white balloons that say "ron paul" on them. Have them be delivered to the boston meet-up group... then they just have to get a tank of helium for the day. Since it looks like the blimp will get more than $200 K by friday, maybe they could use some of the money for that, to order a box of balloons for the rally and for all the ron paul events going on in boston.

it looks like someone is trying to get balloons made already


anyways... i was looking at some sites, and if someone can find a good place to get decent balloons made in time for the tea party, post below. it looks like there's a lot of places that make custom balloons, some look better than others... i'm too busy these next few days to look into this... but if you people like the idea, find a good place, good price, etc. then maybe see if the blimp team will pay for them. a whole crowd all holding balloons would be cool. if people walk down the street with a balloon tied to their belt or purse, people stop and look. especially groups of people all holding ron paul balloons... it will turn heads.... then when they turn their heads up... they see the BIG balloon!!!