View Full Version : Need dedicated web developers for paid position

12-06-2007, 06:18 PM
I think we can make this a total revolution and take back our country quickly and effectively utilizing the same techniques the tyrants used to take it from us.

I am proposing a website dedicated to controlling our government, and advancing liberty, by manipulating information and resource flow.


Social news sites exist now, but their communities lack purpose. If a large community comes together to advance liberty, the same way we are doing here, there's no telling what we can achieve.

I am an artist, and I have dedicated my life for the next six months to promoting this idea. It's something I really believe in. I think that in six months, myself and possibly many more people could be earning a living off of this idea. In fact, I think this idea will further enable anyone to come up with an idea, or even just participate in an idea that can provide for themselves and others.

The long term goal of this community is global domination, much like our leaders in government now. The difference is that when we dominate the world we will do it in a way which encourages liberty.

I will continue to rally support to fund the development of the site. Right now I think the first step is to find people who will agree to develop it.

If you believe that this Revolution involves much more then just politics, if you believe that now is the time the world unites, and if you want be one of history's actors, then help me with this.

The first thing we need is a team of web developers to agree to build the site. If you are interested speak up here.

The site is currently running drupal 5.3. I'd like to set it up to foster the growth of the community developing it. Are there any visionary revolutionary drupal developers out there who can help me do this? Your dedication now will go a long way in the future when it comes time for us to choose who we pay.