View Full Version : flash designer needed for help and other folks too.

Alaska Braveheart
06-29-2007, 03:47 AM
Howdy all,
I have an idea for a Ron Paul web page that I would like to get set
One with a very specific message and certain elements.
My thinking is once the flash message is run, the page then is a hub
to refer to numerous other great blogs and other sources of Ron Paul

I have collected numerous images and am working on the text of the
Maybe someone would like to off input for that as well.

So this thing needs to be set up with flash as one image fades into
another and the text changes with the images telling a story of past,
present and future.
The domain is AmericasBraveheart.com and the subject is Defender of

As defender of liberty, I have selected Statue of Liberty Photos.
My thinking is starting with a bright sunny day/time of liberty maybe
even with a flag with the stars of that day " and the people
Then liberty started to fade till eventually liberty is totally
obscured with a photo of the Statue illistrating that.

Next comes the introduction of Ron Paul and that "Don't tread on me"
Then on into the future

The flag, the statue of liberty, bright sunny days and the people rejoice.

The beginning of this project/journey starts from a banner that was
designed by a lady on the east coast, that I am putting up on my
business web page.[And of coarse anyone else can use as well.]
Clicking on the banner will take one to this web page first[the one getting built] and then
on to the official and other Very good web pages and blogs.

We gotta get Dr. Paul in the White House!
The more poeople know,the more they grow, and who could say NO?

You can email be directly if you wish.