View Full Version : Can We Get a Round-Up of Liberty Candidates Running for Congress in 2016? Monitor the Vote!

09-23-2015, 09:14 PM
Looks like Alan Lapolice is running again http://www.alanlapolice.com/

Alan got 47% against in the Republican primaey agianst Tim Huelskamp, being outspent by 50 - 1.

Don't know about Josh Tucker: http://www.tuckerforcongress.com/

Josh got 30% of the vote, outspent 10 - 1.

In Michigan, Republican primary challenger Jim Bussler spent $2300 to incumbent Fred Upton's $652,000 campaign war-chest, yet Bussler garnered 32% of the vote.

Any word from Jim?

I think these numbers mean the House is ripe for some knock-outs of candiates who keep voting for NDAA and not focusing on liberty issues. If guys like this build on their work and run again. All were first time candidates for congress.

If we get a vote monitoring operation going, so they can't steal elections, we could send shock waves through congress. Liberty candidates' supporter should be working on the following:

- making sure that the incumbents and their machinery don't steal elections, by tweaking a few precincts here and there like they did to Ron Paul in 2012.


- Make the vote-counting process completely transparent, meaning citizens are able to witness any movement of vote boxes, be present at counting, and seeing what the counter is doing, or reading from a machine if electronically recorded. Monitors should be able to take pictures and record voice notes.

The closer we are to the votes and vote boxes, the less chance for the usual shenaigans. We know they steal presidential elections/party nominations. What makes us think rhey won't steal it for the local congressman too?