View Full Version : Thomas Massie and John Yarmuth on KET's One to One w/ Bill Goodman

08-29-2015, 04:00 PM
Political Gabfest with Massie and Yarmuth

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


Gab-fest \’gab-fest\ n : a gathering at which there is a great deal of conversation.

That’s what we do at KET, and Tuesday we had a unique opportunity to sit down with not one but two congressmen for some conversation in our studios.

It just so happened that we scheduled back-to-back interviews for upcoming One to One programs with Kentucky’s 4th District Rep. Thomas Massie and 3rd District Rep. John Yarmuth. So between the tapings we asked the two men to sit together for a brief chat that we streamed lived on Periscope and recorded for this blog.

In our One to One conversations, which will air in September, both congressmen discussed a number of issues they will likely face when they return to Washington after their late summer recess: the Iran nuclear deal, Planned Parenthood funding, and matters of importance in their constituents.

But in our web conversation, we focused on the presidential primaries.

Massie discussed his recent trip to Iowa to campaign on behalf of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Yarmuth shared his thoughts on fellow Democrats Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. And they both weighed in on Donald Trump.