View Full Version : Walter Jones on Iran deal, Trump and running in 2016 (video)

08-15-2015, 01:32 PM
A Closer Look: Jones on Iran deal, Trump and running in 2016

By: Jon Evans
Aug 07, 2015 1:58 PM EDT

The summer break away from Washington, DC is not all relaxation for Congressman Walter B. Jones. The Republican serving his tenth term representing North Carolina’s Third Congressional District has some homework to do.

Jones has not fully delved into the recent deal forged by Secretary of State John Kerry over Iran’s nuclear program, but it on his immediate “to-do” list. With a likely Congressional vote on the deal coming sometime in September, the veteran Republican from Farmville says he does not want to make the same policy mistake again.

“I regret, and will till the day I die, that I did not do all the reading I should have done prior to President (George W.) Bush making the commitment to send our troops to Iraq,” Jones said during a fundraising stop in Wilmington. “I don’t blame President Bush for that, I blame myself. Obviously I think and I still believe the intelligence was manipulated by the Bush administration to sell the American people and Congress on the justification to go into Iraq. So, I’m taking this month to read this (Iran nuclear) agreement very carefully. I have also reached out to the former National Security Advisor to two presidents, Brent Scowcroft, to ask his advice on how he sees this. He’s already come out in favor of it. I’m not there yet.”

Jones said he has already received security briefings from Secretary Kerry on the issue, and he has some concerns and questions he wants answered. “Primarily the biggest concern I have is to make sure we have full access to the sites, and we have the ability through the proper agencies to do what is necessary to make sure Iran isn’t cheating,” Jones said. “That might not be possible, but that’s what I‘ve got to find out.”


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