View Full Version : Contact importer with invite to teaparty07.com needed asap

12-05-2007, 09:33 PM
Sent a PM to trevor about this.. but didn't hear back. No worries though.

So... Facebook does this, MySpace does this, every single social networking site.. DOES THIS.

Basically, its a little java script that logs into whatever internet email host you provide it (gmail, yahoo, aol etc.) and sends a uniformed-beautifully-written message to every one of your contacts inviting them to check out suchandsuch.com.

Sure it may be annoying to some of the recipients.. but the positives FAR OUT WAY the negatives.. and this is according to Michael Arrington - web2.0 blogger extraordinare.

My opinion is that if this was implemented into teaparty07.com , pledges would probably double. Seriously, its that easy.
What we have now is not working to our favor.