View Full Version : Rudy comes out. Says that yes, he is pro-choice, pro-gay rights and pro-gun control

05-12-2007, 02:25 PM
Rudolph W. Giuliani sharpened his liberal credentials before a conservative crowd in Houston today, as he worked to present a more consistent platform on the campaign trail.

At an appearance at Houston Baptist University, Mr. Giuliani said that he favors abortion rights, certain restrictions on gun ownership and gay rights — he is for civil unions, he said, although not for marriage between people of the same sex.

During last week’s debate among Republicans vying for their party’s 2008 presidential nomination, the former New York City mayor was criticized for his halting and apparently contradictory responses to questions about his views on abortion rights. Critics have said that he is trying to run from a record that is much more liberal than the views of the Republican Party’s core voters on the issue.

Fake conservative, anyone surprised?



I wish the Houston MeetUp group would have been aware of this, we could of been out there with Ron Paul signs. We missed out on a group of conservatives who were probably upset after hearing Guiliani speak.

This whole forum needs to be made aware of all the candidates stops and if they are in your town you need to be where they are speaking and be holding Ron Paul signs.

Let's work on that gang!

05-15-2007, 11:39 AM
On a positive note, at least he's honest about where he stands. He did say that in front of a baptist gathering. Otherwise, his values are totally antithetical to mine.