View Full Version : NC Congressman Walter Jones stands with Mark Meadows, tells CNN Boehner is Bully who MUST GO

William Tell
07-29-2015, 03:45 PM

North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones is standing with Mark Meadows in his effort to oust Boehner, telling CNN that Boehner uses intimidation and coercion to get members to vote his way on legislation. Jones says men and women arenít voted to Congress to be puppets of the Speaker of the House:

No one should be intimidated for voting your conscience. If you are here to vote for the will of the Speaker and not the will of the people, you donít need to be here.

Boom! That is exactly right.

Walter Jones doesnít pull any punches in this interview and should be applauded for standing with Meadows through this:

Read more: http://therightscoop.com/boom-nc-congressman-stands-with-mark-meadows-tells-cnn-boehner-is-a-bully-who-must-go/#ixzz3hJrXTeBX

07-29-2015, 04:08 PM
Let's face it, Boehner is Obama's Water Boy.

08-08-2015, 04:02 PM
Let's hope this thing has legs.

08-08-2015, 07:21 PM
He needs Jeff Sessions or Steve King to help with the Teocon vote.

08-09-2015, 06:47 AM
I think walter would make a good replacement for Boehner. I know he probably doesn't want the position.

At least he has the sense and humility to know when he makes mistakes. That much is shown when he talks about the remorse he feels whenever dead soldiers come home.

08-09-2015, 05:41 PM
Walter Jones

Republican Representative - NC 3




Republican Session Avg

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Walter Jones is a Representative from North Carolina; born in Farmville, Pitt County, N.C., February 10, 1943; graduated from Hargrave Military Academy, Chatham, Va., 1961; B.A., Atlantic Christian College (now Barton College), Wilson, N.C., 1966; North Carolina National Guard, 1967-1971; member of the North Carolina state house of representatives, 1983-1992; unsuccessful candidate for nomination to the One Hundred Third Congress in 1992; elected as a Republican to the One Hundred Fourth and to the nine succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1995-present).
Contact Info

Mailing Address
2333 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515-3303


Walter Jones’s Conservative Scorecard

Are the North Carolina congressman’s antiwar and populist positions ideological heresy or conscientious independence?

By W. James Antle III (http://www.theamericanconservative.com/author/w-james-antle-iii) • May 5, 2014 (http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/walter-joness-conservatism-and-its-critics/)

http://www.theamericanconservative.com/wp-content/themes/Starkers/images/printer_famfamfam.gif (http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/walter-joness-conservatism-and-its-critics/?print=1)
http://www.theamericanconservative.com/wp-content/themes/Starkers/images/instapaper.png (http://www.instapaper.com/hello2?url=http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/walter-joness-conservatism-and-its-critics/&title=Walter+Jones%26%238217%3Bs+Conservative+Scor ecard&description=Are+the+North+Carolina+congressman%27s +antiwar+and+populist+positions+ideological+heresy +or+conscientious+independence%3F)


Voters often say they would like elected officials who aren’t beholden to political bosses, who vote their conscience rather than the party line. They say they want lawmakers who think issues through carefully and who are willing to admit—and correct—errors.
This week in one East Carolina congressional district, the voters may get a chance to prove they mean it. North Carolina Republican Rep. Walter Jones is seeking his party’s nomination for an 11th term. That makes Jones a longtime incumbent, but his main challenger is no stranger to Washington: Taylor Griffin is a veteran of K Street and George W. Bush’s White House.
Although he was first elected to Congress in 1994, and his Democratic father served in the House before him, Jones is often misunderstood. Even people I usually (http://projects.newsobserver.com/under_the_dome/norquist_campaigns_against_jones) agree (http://washingtonexaminer.com/in-north-carolina-an-incumbent-faces-sarah-palins-man-from-k-street/article/2548019) with take the wrong lessons from his independence.
For example, the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney writes (http://washingtonexaminer.com/in-north-carolina-an-incumbent-faces-sarah-palins-man-from-k-street/article/2548019), “Jones’s national security views often come across as inchoate anger boiling over from an overheated pot of disjointed opinions.” But talking to Jones or reading his letters to the families of troops who have lost their lives in the past decade’s wars, one encounters words rooted more in sorrow than anger.
Jones is an instinctively patriotic man who hails from a military-heavy district. After the United States was attacked on 9/11, he voted in favor of the military response that included going into Afghanistan to strike those who were sheltering Osama bin Laden. When the Bush administration turned its attention to Iraq, he voted to authorize that war too.
The congressman went so far as to push for French fries to be renamed “freedom fries” on congressional menus to protest France’s opposition to the Iraq war. But Jones began to have doubts about the intelligence concerning Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and he was troubled by the loss of life to which his vote contributed.
Soon Jones concluded he had made a mistake. He then did something very uncommon in Washington: he admitted it, apologized, and began to work to change the foreign policy he concluded was not in America’s national interest.
When Jones first turned against the Iraq War, very few other Republicans followed (at least publicly). So this forced the North Carolina Republican to form alliances that make conservatives uncomfortable—sometimes rightfully so. The moral gravity of what was at stake led the Baptist convert to Catholicism to speak in fire and brimstone, unsettling those used to stale Beltway niceties.
One lesson Jones took from this experience can be captured by the old bumper sticker once popular among liberals: question authority. Already someone inclined to annoy the party leadership, he became even more independent.
Jones has an economic populist streak, but his populism isn’t of the libertarian variety. This leads him to cast some votes I personally disagree with, such as his past support for some appropriations bills and sugar subsidies. But with the exception of his vote for the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, which created a constitutionally dubious consumer bureau with little congressional oversight, the transgressions his conservative detractors point to come with much smaller price tags than the legislation he has opposed.
When the Bush administration tried to team up with Ted Kennedy on entitlements and education policy, Jones said no. He was one of just 25 Republicans to vote against the deficit-financed Medicare prescription drug benefit. He voted against No Child Left Behind.
More recently, Jones voted against a bloated farm bill. He voted against Obamacare and has voted to both repeal and defund it. He has opposed the Paul Ryan budgets from the right, not because he has wanted Congress to spend more.
Then there are the wars Jones has spent the better part of the last decade trying to end, now estimated to cost between $4 trillion and $6 trillion (http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/study-iraq-afghan-war-costs-to-top-4-trillion/2013/03/28/b82a5dce-97ed-11e2-814b-063623d80a60_story.html) over the long term. It’s hard to imagine a viable primary challenge in the absence of Jones’s antiwar stands, based on earmarks and revenues from oil company leases.
Conservatives should think twice about valuing the safe predictability of cookie-cutter voting records over conscientious lawmaking (http://thehill.com/capital-living/102101-the-25-hardest-working-members-of-congress)—and congressmen taking the trouble to admit when they are wrong.
As the song says, sorry seems to be the hardest word.


Name: Walter Jones

Congress: North Carolina, District: 3, Republican

Cumulative Freedom Index Score: 79%


2015: 114th Congress 90%

2014: 113th Congress 100%

2013: 113th Congress 95%

2012: 112th Congress 63%

2011: 112th Congress 62%

2010: 111th Congress 56%

2009: 111th Congress 80%

2008: 110th Congress 63%

2007: 110th Congress 58%

2006: 109th Congress 64%

2005: 109th Congress

Lifetime Score 70%


Rep. Walter Jones North Carolina (R)


Liberty Scoreģ (https://www.conservativereview.com/Members/Scorecard/W/400209)


- See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/Members/W/400209/#sthash.64ciYVud.dpuf


Rep. Walter Jones ✔ @RepWalterJones (https://twitter.com/RepWalterJones) I'm honored to be speaking at #yalcon15 (https://twitter.com/hashtag/yalcon15?src=hash) today. Being with so many young people who strive for liberty inspires hope. pic.twitter.com/uVCjX4Thpx (http://t.co/uVCjX4Thpx)

Walter Jones (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Walter-Jones/15083070102?fref=nf)July 31 at 11:23am

This week I voted to rein in out of control government regulations. Just last year alone, the Obama administration codified 3,541 new regulations. That is agency rule by fiat. Major regulations that affect the economy need be voted on by Congress.



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Where I Stand
The right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The federal government should protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms. During my years in Congress, I have been a consistent voice on behalf of gun owners and have opposed legislation that seeks to chip away at the constitutional rights of Americans.
Legislative Action from the 113th Congress
Cosponsored Legislation
H.R. 410 - Restore the Constitution Act - Would provide that any executive action infringing on the Second Amendment has no force or effect and would prohibit the use of funds for certain purposes.
H.R. 1290 - Would make clear that the Firearm Owners' Protection Act (FOPA) allows for the safe transportation of firearms between two jurisdictions where firearms can legally be possessed.
H.Con.Res. 23 - A resolution that would express opposition to the United States becoming a signatory to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty or to any similar agreement on the arms trade.

on Health Care Jun 25, 2015 Press Release (http://jones.house.gov/press-releases)
JONES VOTES TO REPEAL OBAMACARE DEATH PANEL (http://jones.house.gov/press-release/jones-votes-repeal-obamacare-death-panel)
Mar 26, 2015 Press Release (http://jones.house.gov/press-releases)
JONES VOTES AGAINST BILL THAT ADDS ANOTHER $141 BILLION TO THE DEBT (http://jones.house.gov/press-release/jones-votes-against-bill-adds-another-141-billion-debt)
Feb 3, 2015 Press Release (http://jones.house.gov/press-releases)
JONES VOTES TO FULLY REPEAL OBAMACARE (http://jones.house.gov/press-release/jones-votes-fully-repeal-obamacare)

Cosponsored Legislation
H.R. 351 - Protecting Seniors' Access to Medicare Act - would repeal Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a de facto rationing board made up of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

H.R. 582 - Healthcare Tax Relief and Mandate Repeal Act -would repeal the individual and employer mandates of Obamacare.

H.J.Res. 28 - A constitutional amendment stating that “Congress shall make no law that imposes a tax on a failure to purchase goods or services.” This amendment to the Constitution would overturn the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision and define the limit on congressional powers.