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07-26-2015, 08:42 PM
Looking for help with word selection, flow, grammar, or any other input you feel may be helpful.

A Plea to the Left

The desires between Anarchist and the Left is not what separates us. We both seek a better society, we both seek to feed the poor and to educate those who otherwise would not have the means, we both seek to cure cancer and aids, and to find a sustainable path which will allow us to continue to utilize the resources mother nature provides. And the list undoubtedly continues. The list of what separates us, however, is much smaller. Our view on the morality of forced association, and whether a central authority is the best means towards achieving our desired ends I think could suffice for a description of our differences.

The government has, at a time of weakness, already shown its true colors. During the government shutdown of October 2013, and after having already brought back all furloughed 'nonessential' (as classified by the government) DoD personnel, a memo was released to the states that SNAP (food stamps) monies would not be distributed should the shutdown not end prior to November first. Does that not tell you how they rank the importance of social welfare compared to continuous warfare?

I do not understand how leftist still hold this faith in government, for that example is neither a single nor rare occurrence of our government choosing to stand with its donors and henchmen over the well being of the less fortunate. TARP, and the fiscal and monetary policy since the great recession is another recent one. But I am convinced that as the fascist and imperialist continue to divert more funds to their immoral pursuits more and more leftist will lose this faith in government, and instead replace it with faith in individual action.

And with this new found faith in individual action I am too convinced will come an appreciation for voluntary association. For if you can look this beast in the eyes and see it for what it is, no sane individual would wish to have themselves, nor issues important to them, subjected to the whims of a governing body.

So I plea, do not close your eyes, allow yourself to be hurt and enraged by your government and political party, and in time, join us in seeking an end to all non-voluntary governments in America. [alt ending: ... seeking a future free of non-voluntary government]

First off, I'm not a fan of using 'Anarchist', so I could use help finding a better term. And if you want to terrify yourself look up 'synonyms of anarchist'. The alternative ending is provided by my girlfriend, she thinks it is more positive and therefore more persuasive. Thanks for any help and rip it to shreds if you must.