View Full Version : Reprint possibility in the UCSD Guardian

12-05-2007, 04:51 PM
The Guardian is the most widely distributed newspaper on my campus, UCSD (http://ucsd.edu). Most of the kids read the newspaper in our spare time (waiting for the shuttle and classes).

Unfortunately the writers of the paper are pretty ignorant when it comes to politics, just read these articles:

Anyways, I recently sent an email to the advertising department:

I am a UCSD student and I want to run a full page ad. Here is a draft

I am not affiliated with any organization on campus. What would be the
pricing for a full page greyscale ad? Are there any discounts available to
students? I tried accessing your website today, but I kept getting "CPU
Quota Usage Exceeded" on your website.

Concerned American,
Hector Ordorica

Actually, their website did go down yesterday, but it is up today. So far I haven't gotten a reply though. I'd figure they would respond more quickly to potential customers, but i guess not.

I just want to help spread the word around La Jolla, and San Diego. Go Ron Paul!

btw, the dimension's for their image area of a full page print it 10"x15.5". However, I don't have InDesign, only photoshop. Is there some way I can open the files with Photoshop?

If not, can anybody help me out? I rather not have to distort the aspect ratio of the image to make it fit. Their ideal format specs are listed here